Australian Books


Australian Books


Since the advent of Digital Publishing and Print On Demand technology, the publishing world has been changed irrevocably.

Millions of Authors are now able to publish their works without, first, having to attract a triditional publisher or agent. This has resulted in an unprecented number of publications becoming available for readers to discover the Amazon and other online book sellers.

The downside of this publishing revolution for authors, is that we find ourselves in a very big pool indeed, competing on a global scale. The upside is, if we break through, we gather a world-wide audience.

Australian Books:

Australian Authors need your support, this website makes it easy for readers to give that support. Search our Australian Authors profiles by genre, name, state, gender etc. and support Australian Books and Authors or search our “Featured Books by Genre” area at the front of the site

Australian Books

Australian Authors are among the best in the world. Now that they have easier access to the global market, our authors are enjoying unpresented success on the world market. Discover Australian Books and Authors here on Australian Authors Marketplace.  

Visit our Australian Authors area and discover our authors stories. What inspires them, the types of genres they prefer to write in, what’s next on their agender and their back cataloge of work. You will find links to their purchasing platforms, social media, websites and much more.

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