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Andrew Nelson
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Andrew Nelson wishes he could be cool like the characters in his story. Unfortunately, Andrew is considerably older and way more pedestrian. After a successful career as a contract accountant, Andrew left Sydney with his wife, Maria and their dog Bear.

A rookie with the local RFS brigade and a keen small boat sailor, Andrew finally found time to write his first novel, a dream he had cherished for decades. He hopes you enjoy it!

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New South Wales
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Action/Adventure, Crime, Thriller
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Action/Adventure, Crime, Thriller

Joe Burnett was living the dream; retired young from the corporate world and volunteering with his local fire brigade.
It didn't last.
First the black summer fires sweep through, then strangers start shooting at him, then he meets the mysterious Jessica. He's barely had time to walk his dog before his safe, ordered world disappears, and he crashes head-on into a merciless international criminal organisation and the corruption it propagates.

“Accidental Strike Team ” by author Andrew Nelson
“Joe – you are officially dead. Welcome to the team.”
How did a young firefighter, Joe, get into this predicament? Accidental Strike Team is an exciting blend of a thrilling story, car and bike chases and strong characters caught up in a web of incredible “baddies” of a World Wide syndicate. It is set in the Australian bush after the dreadful fires west of Sydney a couple of years ago. These dastardly “baddies” run a human trafficking, organ harvesting and pornos racquet. Peaked your interest?
Joe finds himself in a world of James Bond, where you do not know who the enemy is. He has accidentally fallen into the midst of an assorted number of Aussie enforcement agencies, who cannot all be trusted. One of the women, Jessica, is the only one Joe finds he can trust completely. As the force of Aussies gets closer to catching the “baddies” in The Syndicate, the action moves to the waters off the Eastern seaboard of Australia.
The only goal of the team has become – “to make Australia financially unviable for the Syndicates operations.” What does the future hold for Joe? Will he be able to survive this operation and fall in love? Methinks he might. – “his remaining resistance (to Jessica’s presence) crashed like a shot duck.”
Whether they can negotiate a future when this operation is over is another question that will have to be answered in a sequel.
Judith Flitcroft

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