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Queer, autistic nerd, Jodie Lane reads and writes science fantasy, dark comedy and YA time-travel adventure. She loves finding the quirky and odd in her everyday world, and is passionate about telling authentic stories that make people feel alive.

Jodie is an enthusiastic historian, combining her love of travel and adventure with fascinating stories from the past. Brisbane based, she studied a variety of modern history at the University of Queensland.

Her travels have taken her all over the world: she has lived and taught English in China and Romania, backpacked through Europe and South America, and holidayed in the Middle East, Central America, South East Asia, New Zealand and South Africa. She speaks basic Spanish as a second language.

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Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, LGBTQ, Science Fiction, Young Adult
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Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, LGBTQ, Science Fiction, Young Adult

On holiday from university with her family in Israel, Gwyn stumbles across a strange device while exploring the ruins of Masada. She is unwittingly thrown back two thousand years in time to the bloody siege between the Roman invaders and fiercely nationalistic Jewish defenders. Blending in is her only option to stay alive; but can she escape before the siege comes to a head?

Meanwhile, Michelle is the Time Space Agent from the year 2623 AD trying to escape her enemies and recover her lost time machine, all while inadvertently stumbling on a dangerous political plot.

The clock is ticking as Gwyn and Michelle’s timelines hurtle towards each other in this historical adventure based on the real events of Roman conquest in Ancient Judea. The actions of these two time travellers, born centuries apart, will impact not just each other’s survival, but the fates of past and future worlds alike.

Faridah Nassozi – November 14, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, strap yourselves in for an epic ride across time periods in this thrilling tale of time travel and political conspiracies in The Siege of Masada. Jodie Lane put together one hell of a compelling story. The Siege of Masada is flawlessly delivered with elaborate and captivating detail to make it a one of kind read. Even without looking at the dates, I could easily tell when the story moved from one time period to another through the realistic details; the dried dates, bread and oil meal was indicative of much earlier eras while the synthesized food is definitely ahead of our time. Through the memorable characters, compelling plot, and richly detailed settings, the story comes alive in a thrilling and beautiful way. An epic start to a series guaranteed to give you time travel envy.
– Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favourite

Book Title
Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, LGBTQ, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Once again, Gwyn must save history.

To do so, she must kill a man.

Not just any man – Emperor Domitian of the Roman Empire is a feared tyrant, paranoid of plots and assassins. Can Gwyn find the plotters and help them succeed? Or will she be betrayed herself?

Time-Space Agent Michelle journeys back in time to rescue a kidnapped friend. Her travels take her to World War II Britain and nineteenth century Argentina, where the west is still wild and bandits roam the plain. Kidnapped herself, will she succeed in fulfilling her mission, or will she die trying?

The Shift is coming. Time travel will change forever and the future depends on these two women, and the people they help live and die.

Author's Books
Book Title
Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, LGBTQ, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Murder. Corruption. War.

Gwyn is trapped in Renaissance Italy. She becomes entangled in a web of corruption and deceit as Rodrigo Borgia is made Pope. Gwyn must escape the nefarious clutches of the Borgias, who are infamous for plots, incest and murder. But at what price?

The Shift has arrived.

Rogue Time-Space Agent Michelle has been sent to Florence, 1492 AD. There are dozens of turning points to fix, and she can’t do it alone.

The stakes are higher than ever in this fast-paced time-travel adventure. Can Gwyn and Michelle put their differences aside and work together to save the future?

Book Title
Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, LGBTQ, Science Fiction, Young Adult

It’s their last chance to save the future.

Gwyn and Michelle face their biggest challenge yet. At the turn of the sixteenth century, Spain is poised to launch a worldwide empire. Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand have united their lands, but if the succession is not ensured it will all fall apart, and there will be civil war. Gwyn and Michelle must correct multiple turning points, each more difficult than the last, and it will test their ingenuity, their courage, and their tenuous friendship.

With the Shift in play, they will have no chance to go back and correct their mistakes…

With new lovers and old foes, our heroes must sacrifice everything to make history turn true, and ensure the survival of their worlds.

Book Title
Fantasy, LGBTQ, Paranormal Fiction, Science Fiction, Short Story/Anthology, Urban Fantasy

A lizard overlord who's had enough and quits her job to run a drive-through sushi joint.
A developer consumed by his own API, faking his death in order to claim insurance money.
And a feminist vampire who invests in start ups then takes a decade-long nap.

These are just some of the quirky characters you'll meet in The Dark Office, a strange yet familiar place in our not-to-distant-future, inspired by people in real life.
Also included in this volume are tales from the Turning Points Series as well as other short stories by the same author. Variety, humour and observation all bundled up in stories that will make you laugh, cry and think.

Book Title #76
Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, LGBTQ, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Out of time and out of her depth…

Sent on a mission to start a war, Gwyn comes face to face with the notorious Prince Dracula. Vlad the Impaler rules Wallachia through fear and charm, balancing the political machinations of Christian Europe and the expanding Ottoman Empire. To manipulate Vlad is fraught with danger—one wrong move will lead her to a grisly death.

Gwyn knows that to interfere with history is perilous, but when she falls in love will all her plans come to naught?

And the stakes are getter higher. Michelle is sent to undercover a xenophobic plot on Earth. But the Shift is coming, and if she doesn’t act swiftly, time travel will become impossible and history may never be repaired.

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