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Historical Fiction, Western
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The gunfighter known as Brolin was thought to have been dead for the past ten years. That was until Red Mike Stall and his outlaws hijacked the westbound train and attempted to murder everyone on board. Stall recognized Brolin from the old days and left him to burn in the abandoned church with the other passengers.
He should have shot Brolin because he managed to escape and now he's mad.

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Historical Fiction

When the Governor of Montana needed someone to look into the disappearance of wagon trains in the Bitterroots, Ford was the man they chose. What he found was a brutal autocrat who ruled with such terror, the like of which had never been seen by Ford. Before long Ford fights for his life and the lives of others against a maniac and his small army.

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Buford Lance fought for every inch of his B-L connected ranch, so he'd be damned if he was going to hand over a large portion of his Cottonwood Creek range to homesteaders. He hires two of the best guns in the business.
Lucas Kane: The Gun King.
Jordan Kane: The Prince. Next in line for the throne.

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Lew Eden was thirteen when he killed his first man. A lot more died at his hand before he finally had his fill of blood and bullets. Then he decided to enlist in the newly-formed Seminole-Negro Scouts.
But an Indian-hater named Cramer killed Lew’s Sioux woman. After that, Lew wouldn’t rest until he’d put one last man in his grave.

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In 1864, Captain Jeff Savage was tasked to find Carver’s Raiders, a ruthless bunch of killers who blasted a bloody path through the Shenandoah Valley. The mission was a failure and Carver escaped with a handful of men.
Two years later John Carver has raised his head once more when he and his gang of killers robbed a bank in Summerton, Texas, and kill Savage’s wife, Amy.
Now he's hell bent on revenge.

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Captain Nathan Kelso was on the brink of drunken oblivion. He’d lost the respect of his commanding officer, and Company ‘C’ had been unofficially disbanded.

Now, with both bronco and Mimbreño Apaches raising hell throughout the territory, Company ‘C’ is finally called back into action. At least now, he is back where he belongs.
Kelso has to lead his men into the Santa Rita Mountains on a do-or-die mission. Most likely die!

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