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Cage writes speculative fiction, urban fantasy, stories about fearful things, stories in words and dreams and horrors - yours and mine. A Storyteller, a dreamer, an imaginer. Some would say Fibber, Fabricator, Teller of Tall Tales. Yep – a storyteller.
Cage Dunn was born in the arid landscape of the West Midlands District of Western Australia; lived all over the startling and disparate country of Australia - now in Adelaide; worked at everything from sewerage collection to computer programmer; graduated with a BA Comm (Prof. Writing) and Grad Dip Computing.

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South Australia
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Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
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A simple mistake, to fall in love.
Worse, to bear the child in secret.
Worst of all is when her baby is stolen at the birth.
A mother will do anything, travel all worlds, through times and planes and dimensions, even beyond hell, for her child.
Chiri’s first concern should be the safety of her daughter, but as the Gate-Keeper responsible for the lives of millions, those now in grave peril due to her error, she must choose.
Will she sacrifice the search for her child, or abandon her world to the fate decreed in the Cards?

M said: I enjoyed the book. It read like a short story — very fast paced, very focused on plot. I got caught up in Chiri’s desires. … I liked the way it was a growing mystery enfolded in a sci-fi thriller.

I had to keep reading! I love the sense of place - Camberwell, the markets, the junction. It’s real and grounded. The later scene where the junction itself becomes the portal; I can visualise it all so perfectly. The pace of the scenes is great. It’s edgy; I felt all the emotions that Chiri was going through. Not a genre I normally read, so thank you for the introduction to it!

C said: Fast paced from the start; I was completely enthralled with her fears and journey. I would recommend this to the person who wants something interesting and different. Not witches, not warlocks, but enough arcane mixed with soft sci-fi, and in places we can see, smell, and hear. Loved it.

Book Title
Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy

The rules of kingship have been lost; when the Prince sentenced the Daughter of the Holy to death by pyre the Daughter of the Holy when she refuses to marry him, the old ways reawaken.
Landis, RSM, an ordinary soldier, is tasked to ensure the safety of the Daughter of the Father Holy, not easy when she speaks up in the wrong places at the wrong times and says the wrong things to annoy the wrong people. Can he succeed against an arrogant Prince and an evil Queen?

An epic battle to save the world – exciting. It’s fun to have single book rather than a series get to that epic battle level feeling.
It’s insightful and well outlined in the story without being “hit you over the head” obvious about it.
Landis. I love that he’s so human. He clearly has spent years making sacrifices to lead and protect his people. So. Relatable.

I enjoyed its chaotic battles and uniqueness. The villains were extremely hate-worthy, and you hope they get destroyed, which I appreciate for the baddies. I also loved how the authors kept it real when it came to emotions and dialogue.
The battles caught my eye, and the baddies. This book showed an exciting display of entertaining battles; exciting. I felt a sense of chaos and disorder in this Kingdom, and I loved it.

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