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Intrepid traveler through time and space, between black and white characters upon crisp white pages.

Past, present, future through fictional worlds, meshing reality, science and fantasy.

Relationships won and lost, it could happen within the walls of home.

Open the pages of one of my books, make the adventures within your own.

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Historical Fiction, Paranormal Fiction, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy
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Lauren is lonely and vulnerable, when she is forced to hide from a stalker on her isolated Tasmanian property. When an accident leaves her stranded in the wilderness, help arrives in the form of Veterinarian Matthew Carmichael. As their attraction to each other grows, can he overcome his own past tragedy, and the danger in Lauren's future?

Romance, Romantic Suspense

Divorced Veterinarian, Thomas Carmichael thought he'd found his second chance at love with his sister-in-law Victoria. He'd gone through fire to save her, yet now she was gone to finish a work contract in London. It's a minor matter of eight months and they'll be back in each others arms, if another ambitious woman and one ex-boyfriend doesn't keep them apart.

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Robert's existence has been turned on its head. He's got a new job, and an ex-girlfriend giving him trouble seeing his child. A daughter that until recently, he didn't even know he was having. His life is complicated... Then he's reunited with his best friend Danielle, and she's the one girl he's always wanted... and this time... could it be she'll say yes, despite his baggage?

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Carmichael Saga prequel, post WWII. Henry and Emmet’s brotherly bond is unbreakable, until Millicent comes back into their lives. Family tragedy and social expectations shape them into men, and when destiny puts Millie into the brother’s path again, their childhood crush for her is rekindled and the once close brothers begin to drift apart. Millicent loves them both and has to choose from two good men, unable to avoid breaking a heart.

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Fantasy, Paranormal Fiction, Science Fiction

Aurora Mitchell thought accepting a research position with the American military was a chance to expand her career and redirect her life. A fresh start with a new country to explore. It sounds ideal, until her first day at work where she's banned from leaving the military base and all outside contact.

When Kaiser arrives on base wounded, she becomes committed to helping the wounded soldier. Only Kaiser isn't just any soldier, he's a special forces canine full of very human surprises, and the secrets in his DNA are a matter of life and death.

Jan 31, 2020 Jennifer Rehn rated it it was amazing
Aurora was given a once in a lifetime chance to start fresh in her life and expand her career in a new country on an army base doing what she was passionate about. Although once she arrived it was not what she thought it would be but she was not alone.
Aurora met Kaiser, a K9 in the army, he came back injured during serving in the war in Afghanistan. Aurora was assisting in Kaisers recovery and during this found out there are major secrets to his DNA which put both their lives in danger.
The author wrote this book very well in the way of keeping you interested and on the edge of your seat, wondering what is going to happen next and who is the person in charge of the deadly secrets. The author also wrote this book with a lot of knowledge of K9 companions and added loads of details into this book in regard to their instincts and behaviors.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and became very excited for the sequels to be released. Definitely worth the read!!

Jan 31, 2020 Pauline rated it it was amazing

Really enjoyed reading this book. The first in the Wolfgen Series. An excellent start. Well written storyline. Loved the descriptive behaviours and mannerisms of the humans/animals portrayed in the book and intermixing humour made for a very enjoyable read.

Once you start reading you want to read more. So looking forward to the next books in the series.

Book Title
Fantasy, Paranormal Fiction, Science Fiction

The witches warned him, and now half his pack is missing, possibly injured and lost forever. The race is on to find their missing members, one of whom is Kaiser's desired mate, Aurora. Keeping his friends and family safe and well is challenging enough as it is, without Liam spiriting them away. He's become a wolf with unprecedented powers of compulsion, and he wants Kaiser's pack for his own.

Can Kaiser avoid falling under his nemesis thrall, and bring his family home?

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