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Growing up in Dublin, Ireland, Chris Murray developed a passion for Chinese martial-arts. He has more than twenty years’ experience in a variety of Chinese disciplines. Crippled Immortals is about finding the true arts behind the certificates and club t-shirts when Chris lived in Singapore. Chris is also an academic specialist in how Asian cultures have been transmitted to the West. He teaches literature at Monash University and is a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society. Nowadays Chris lives in Melbourne, Australia, where he has embraced barbecuing.

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Biography/Memoir, Non-Fiction, Spiritual, Sport, Travel
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Biography/Memoir, Non-Fiction, Spiritual, Sport, Travel

A martial-arts master escapes a POW camp in China and flees to Malaya. His hopes for a quiet life are dashed when he saves a bus driver from a lynch mob. The master agrees to impart his secrets to five disciples. Although the organisation they found becomes internationally renowned, the arts are almost lost as the initiates succumb to internal squabbling and greed.

New in Singapore, Chris Murray tracks down Chan See-meng, favourite disciple of the great Chee Kim Thong. Through dusty Malaysian villages and Shaolin Temple in China, the adventure that begins with gruelling practice on Chan’s rooftop leads Chris in the footsteps of the masters. Can these traditions survive in modernity?

An intimate memoir with historical scope, Crippled Immortals unites a cast of legendary heroes and slack-jawed monks, Indian yogi and Tibetan lamas, bluffers, gangsters, and champions who have been touched by Old Man Chee’s arts

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