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From growing up in country Victoria, Craig's love for learning and determination to play full out in every way, every day is evident in his successful career living and working across 5 continents and his life journey of 'being and 'doing'. Craig is an inspirational thought leader in integral education, an engaging storyteller, author, leader, teacher, coach, and international TED and keynote speaker, committed to sharing his research for innovation in education, through his global work in neuroscience and education (neuroeducation) and in sharing these tools to empower aspiring leaders. A great conversationist and a great listener comes across in Craig's writing style and genuine connection with others and to himself and what he does.

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"Drawing from diverse fields of applied neuroscience and cognitive psychology, in Chasing the Dragon's Tail, Craig crosses the traditional boundaries and theories that have separated scientific thinking and human experience in the past. In doing so he opens the door to a bold new paradigm of self-discovery and empowerment." Dr. Justin James Kennedy, Professor of Neuroscience, Executive Coach, Psychologist

We chase the "dream: " promotions, goals, sometimes achieving it only to discover we are not happy. But we can't quite work out why. It's all about how we feel, NOT what we think, that makes all the difference. Drawing on current neurological research to embrace behavioural change, Chasing the Dragon's Tail aims to inspire and light your Dragon's Fire from within. What is directing you? What is your flame? How to keep it burning? The only time a Dragon stops Chasing its Tail is when it knows its Heart and it follows its Heart. And as soon as you put this book down you will feel empowered to achieve whatever you want.

Chasing the Dragon’s tail is a self-help book demonstrating how one could chase the Dragon’s tail to inspire and enlighten the Dragon’s tail from within. The aim is for the reader to achieve whatever they want once they finish reading the book. How? Well, the author begins by applying neuroscience and cognitive psychology. He discusses values and motivations, passion, mindset, and modeling, inducing certainty, and decisiveness.
The author introduces himself as someone grateful. He appreciates all the advice, encouragement, and elements that have made him who he is today. I found that appealing.
“It’s all about how we feel, not what we think that makes all the difference.” -Craig Fullerton
Chinese dragons symbolize potent and auspicious powers. For this reason and the fact that they are lucky and strong, he titles his book this way. You truly do feel empowered and gain that rush of positive energy when you read this book. It is clear that the author has researched and re-read everything he has written many times over again in order to make sure everything is in ship-shape order.
Every chapter comes with an inspirational quote, which alone makes you wonder about the true meaning of the citation.
I recommend this book to anyone who wants to make a significant change in their life and gain true happiness from within.

The book encourages the reader to assess personal values and goals. It argues that "values provide a deep sense of ongoing direction for our lives – they are not ends in themselves. Goals are things that we want to achieve or do – they are often ends in themselves. Values always exist in the present moment... they can be drawn on at any given moment. Goals are in the future." Fullerton provides insights and exercises how one can discover and then set goals that result in happiness.

"This is an inspirational and a guidance book for everyone. Everyone is dealing with their own life, with what they live for. This book would like to help everyone in this process. It is inspirational because it enlightens our minds to see more clearly about ourselves. Moreover, there are many practical steps we can follow as we are stepping forward in this process. And I believe, as we are going through the process, it will make our life even better. You should read this book! A must-read for everyone who wants to find their 'dream'"

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