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I was born in 1995 in a beautiful country town called Rockhampton in Queensland's north, and lived on a farm until the age of three with my mum and my grandma. In 1998 my mum and I moved to Melbourne where I have lived ever since.

Growing up it was just my mum and I, she was a single mother and I was an only child; we struggled financially for most of my upbringing.

Towards the end of high school I decided I wanted to be a teacher; I was drawn to the power of education and the importance of pastoral care. Starting early, I became an English tutor, while also delivering pizzas as my first job.

Unfortunately, a few weeks prior to commencing Uni, my mum fell very ill. I was forced to withdraw and choose online study - which I commenced mid year. After much struggle, I found full time work, which I tried to balance with my study and being a full time carer, as my mum's health continued to deteriorate.

In 2017 my mum passed away. In 2018 I completed by Bachelor of Arts majoring in English. Since then I have completed two Diplomas; one in Case Management and one in Youth Work.

During the challenging times of caring for my mum and battling to avoid homelessness, I found solace and comfort in writing. It became an important means of catharsis and self expression.

Now in 2023, I am completing my Masters of Counselling and have released my first poetry book entitled Marching with a Broken Shadow. I would describe the book as a labour of love, one that was crafted through dark times, but that manifested itself into something that aims to capture all that human life and experience has to offer… and with that, I think there shines a subtle optimism that is never truly out of sight.

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The passage from birth to death is a journey that binds us all... In this debut anthology entitled Marching with a Broken Shadow, readers are invited to embark on that journey; delving profoundly into their innermost thoughts and prevailing feelings - from the deepest and darkest layers of hurt and confusion, to the most hypnotic forms of happiness and dream. Take the quest with the central character, and look forward to exploring, with reminiscence and wonder, the voyage we call life, the ending we know as death, and all that lies in between.

Dyson Russell's masterful use of language and evocative imagery invites readers to embark on a journey of introspection, touching on themes of love, dreams, fears, and self-discovery. The collection's thought-provoking and relatable poems make it a must-read for anyone seeking solace, understanding, and a deeper connection with their own emotions and memories. Whether you are a seasoned poetry enthusiast or new to the genre, "Marching with a Broken Shadow" is a highly recommended and deeply rewarding literary experience that will linger in your heart long after you've turned the final page.

Dyson Russell's collection of poems, "Marching with a Broken Shadow," serves as a mesmerizing exploration of the intricate interplay between innocence and experience that defines the human odyssey. Through his evocative verses, Russell delves into the profound realization that life's lessons often manifest as paradoxical wisdom

Russell leaves you with much food for thought, and reminds us of poetry's power to capture truths and share them as means of our shared understanding. He bares his soul beautifully so others feel a little less alone in theirs.

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