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Damien M Casey is a fifty nine year old author from Melbourne, Australia. In a ten year career so far, Damien has completed writing ten books. He enjoys gardening, painting impressionistic oil paintings and writing long novels especially in the fantasy genre. He is a qualified horticulturalist, with over forty five years experience working in botanical institutions around the world. Having been in business for thirty years, he is amply qualified to comment on gardening, landscape garden construction and design. With a love for all things creative, his fantasy books are resourceful, full of wonderfully imaginative characters that sparkle and shine in stories that are designed to take the reader to the infinite outreaches of the imagination. Not only is Damien a creative author, but his penchant for perfectionism is very evident in the way his books are written. Imagination, flair, constructive tension mixed with a sense of humour are traits that flavour his writing skills. In his first book titled, 'The Tales of the Magic Piano (Part One ), Damien has pieced together a very ambitious storyline that tells of a Norwegian family who discover a magical potion in a miraculous manuscript that transports them to a distant place and time. This wonderful novel is the first of eight whose many adventures see the Christensen family endure endless terror and tyranny from wizards, witches and the forces of darkness that conspire against them. Truly - a wonderful read. However, his skill is also represented in other books of a different genre. Although 'The Miraculous Spectaculous Courtyard Pond' is a fantasy book, it is completely different in texture and feeling to his first book, giving further credence to this wonderful author's story-telling ability. In a different genre altogether, The Prophecy of Revelation 12 is a suspense, super-spy, mystery thriller that builds the tension slowly as the super villain, Victor Thrax, seeks to dominate the world's uranium market. In an explosive finale, Justin Rowe, an Australian DCF federal agent counters this villain's aggression with some super-slick, gut-wrenching, seat-of-your pants action. Damien has captured the mood and tempo of this novel well as he presents a fast-moving novel of non stop action. All of these books come highly recommended.

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Nicolas loves to play music. When he strikes the keys on Uncle Olaf's old piano in the shed, his whole world miraculously changes.

Suddenly, the magical code embedded within the manuscript thrusts Nicolas and his family into the wormhole of time whose incredible journeying transports them to worlds of unimaginable beauty and wonder.

When the Grand Wizard of Balthazar discovers their plight, he ruthlessly chases them through the heavens. Would they ever return home, or would the treacherous wizard finally confront them? This is a story of amazing time-travelling wonder.

The Tales of the Magic Piano by Damien M Casey is a sweeping saga that has something extraordinary for every reader. You’ll find yourself immersed in the struggles of a close-knit family who have found themselves in an extraordinary life and death situation and risking life and limb as they journey to find their way home.

Nicolas has a comfortable life living with his Uncle Olaf, Aunt Sigrid and cousins, Elise and Henry, after his mother died. One day, while cleaning out a shed, Nicolas and Henry discover an old piano and an unusual book of music. While playing music from the book for his Uncle and cousins, Nicolas plays the notes that catapult him and his family into another time and place. There, they reunite with a long-lost family member, Marius, who has managed to steal the Golden Chalice, which holds vials of “pure essence”, the secret ingredient needed to make leaps between dimensions. Marius travels with them through strange countries and numerous dimensions, as they attempt to unlock the secrets of the piano and find their way back home. To make the journey even more perilous, the little group will need to avoid being captured by the Grand Wizard and his evil minions who will stop at nothing to get their hands on the chalice and its contents. Fortunately, there are forces of good who are looking after the travellers, and they encounter many allies who help them along the way.

The Tales of the Magic Piano by Damien M Casey is a magnificently ambitious fantasy novel. Not only is it a homage to world mythology, fairy tales and the classic fantasy genre, the story also allows the reader to experience a multitude of eras, landscapes, actual civilizations and some of their famous citizens, such as Julius Caesar and Henry the Eighth. It is interesting that these historical figures live side by side with mythical beings, highlighting the fantastical aspects of the story while grounding the reader in the familiar. The author has created an array of richly described settings and wondrous creatures that add even more imaginative flair.

For those readers who enjoy the classic works of Stephen Donaldson, Louise Cooper and Madeline L’Engle, this is a work that you would surely enjoy. Full of adventure, heroism and the age-old struggle between light and dark, this quintessential fantasy will give you plenty to savor! The Tales of the Magic Piano by Damien M Casey comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.

Book Title

Gilford and Vernon are the best of goldfish friends. They live in a very big pond which they share with all the amazing creatures of this wonderful, marine environment. However, not all is peaceful in this spectacular world.

In a bumper spawning season, the Koi, commanded by Sir Kingston Koi, demand an expansion to their territories. The leader of the Frog Fellowship, Sir Filbert Frogmore, opposes this radical action, leading to the emergence of a rebellion. A battle seems inevitable when Queen Bea, Sir Filbert and Lord Koi negotiate the terms for their existence.

All the while, Gilford and Vernon are hounded by the school bully, Buster Brownfin who goes one step too far when Gilford's life lays in the balance. Would Gilford survive such needless and thoughtless provocation?

Meanwhile, up above the pond, the dragonflies and butterflies amaze as they fly effortlessly in the wind. Up in the treetops the ravens squawk and argue amongst themselves whilst the pretentious Wise Council of the Owls hoot and debate the sensitive issues surrounding the pond's future. By invitation, Ernie 'The Aussie' Eagle arrives to settle their differences before a great celebration ensues. Would life in this incredible world return to some resemblance of normality, or would the Koi reign? Welcome to the inspirational and wonderful world of the Miraculous, Spectaculous Courtyard Pond.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It was full of comical situations. The author did a really good job in presenting the characters, and I thought the story was well told. I give this book my total recommendation.
Marcus Chong.

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Justin Rowe, an Australian veteran DCF agent, finds himself on the trail of the murderous villain, Victor Thrax, a serial megalomaniac who is thoroughly intent on corrupting the governments of the world for one purpose and one purpose only - to control the world's uranium sources.

Threatening to detonate his drilling pods loaded with nuclear warheads in the world's fault lines, Thrax and his wayward Russian general, General Kromatov, are determined to create a new world order. All the while, religious fanaticism fuelled by the speculative proposition of Revelation 12, threatens to drive the world towards an explosive and corrupted Armageddon.

Follow agent Rowe in this teeth-clenching, nail-biting super-spy thriller as he attempts to rid the world of this tyrannical monster. For those readers inspired by Ian Fleming's James Bond novels and Robert Ludlum's 'The Bourne Identity' series, this promises to be a most compelling read.

I loved this book. I couldn't put it down It kept my attention right from the first moment to the explosive end.
David Wilkinson.

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