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I'm an Australian author of stories with crime, romance, plucky heroines and flawed heroes, small rural towns, and the wide open spaces of the Australian bush. Sometimes there are love stories and happily ever afters.

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New South Wales
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Crime, Rural Romance
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Rural Romance

Maddison Debranz returns to Australia after five years away, desperate for a happily-ever-after future with her husband. But Daniel is missing and wanted by the police. Maddie follows a lead to Rakali Springs, the town where everything first went wrong for her and Daniel. She receives a hostile reception, but the Brackton family, Grace and her four sons, are willing to give her a place to stay.

Maddie's life is at risk when a deadly enemy tracks her down. But Maddie has more friends than she knows.

A romance/ mystery set in the Australian countryside. For fans of Annie Seaton, Juanita Keys, Helene Young and Jennie Jones.

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An inexperienced detective crosses the line to solve a series of murders and resurrect his career.

A missing man, a ghastly murder, and a homicidal teenage driver. The Brenner family is ground zero for trouble, but newly-arrived Detective Jud Jeffreys can’t convince his colleagues to look past his dodgy reputation and take his theories seriously.

He needs allies, but who can he trust? His hostile police colleagues? His reluctant work partner Nula? What about his mysterious landlady, Cora? Trusting the wrong person would be a deadly mistake, one that his brutal and controlling politician father and muckraking journalists would use to destroy him.

This is Jud’s last chance to prove himself. Can he unmask the killers before his own powerful enemies bring him down?

The Detective Jud Jeffreys crime series takes place in Henry Hunt City, the inland capital of the Australian Free States, a city of unbridled self-interest, dark secrets, and political plots.

Deadset Mongrels is the first book in the Detective Jud Jeffreys series.

Author's Books
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Deep leads (mining) — veins of ore buried dangerously far underground.

Deep leads (criminal investigation) — clues hidden under layers of secrets and misdirection.

Detective Jud Jeffreys has become a political embarrassment. He is demoted back to uniform and sent to a rough mining town where he’s assigned to investigate sheep thefts. It’s a difficult transition for a city boy.

The sergeant is a drunk, his colleagues resent him, he makes an enemy within minutes of arriving, and violence and disaster swirl around the mine. Jud must find friends and allies fast, or he won’t survive. When tragedy strikes, he must return to his true calling as a detective to find a ruthless killer.

Deep Leads is the second book in the Detective Jud Jeffreys series.

Book Title
Rural Romance

An Australian small town contemporary romance.
Can the new girl in town save the bad boy of Rakali Springs?

Matt Brackton's life has gone nowhere since his failures and disappointments in Wipptee. He's given up, drifting from job to job, unable to find meaning in anything. Will the new girl in town be the change he needs?
Rosie was a fit and active young woman on the brink of a career as a history teacher, when illness struck. Now she's a shadow of her former self, suffering from chronic fatigue. She can't see any future for herself, and certainly doesn't have the energy to do anything about it anyway. Rosie comes to Rakali Springs to stay with family. Does she have a future after all

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