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Jim Parsons (no, not the rich TV star) is a writing mentor whose mission is to help novice writers achieve their dream of writing and publishing their first novel. Jim has also written a How-to series called Novel-Writing Essentials. He has also published three of his own novels in widely different genres – Historical fiction, humour in the bush yarn traditional genre, and a middle grade children’s book.
Details of his mentoring service and books can be found on his website

Jim has a B.A. Dip. Ed. From the University of New England, where he majored in English Literature and German Language and Literature. Jim was raised in Moree, NSW, spent thirty years working on the family wheat and sheep farm, before changing careers and becoming Head Teacher of General Education at the adult education facility, TAFE, Moree. He taught Tertiary Preparation, Communication, Creative Writing and German.
On retirement, Jim wrote and conducted an on-line novel-writing course and started writer mentoring. He currently lives with his wife Julie right on Currumbin Creek on the beautiful Gold Coast, QLD. He enjoys playing guitar, fishing, writing and travel, travel, travel.

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Children's Fiction, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Outback Fiction, Text/How-To Books
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Author's Books
Book Title
Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction

In 1897, Sarah, a disillusioned missionary in Sierra Leone, feels compelled to write the story of her turbulent life, of her remarkable family in colonial Sydney, and the mysteries in her Aunt Harriet’s past – a rich story of death and deceit that spans three continents.
The powerful influence of Sarah Lydgate’s charismatic aunt has dominated the course of her life and shaped her choices – even of a husband

"Larger-than-life characters and unexpected plot turns."

Book Title
Australian History, Comedy, Outback Fiction

The Bournley's of Beetle Creek - you'll love 'em ... but you'll be so glad they're not your family.
DAD has a philosophical bent, steals the odd sheep and scrounges for choice items at the local garbage dump
MUM judges the annual CWA scone-making contest, protects her brood fiercely, and handles herself well in a street fight
DENNY, aged 7, traps rats on the bedroom window sill and does a nice little sideline in blackmail
LUCY, aged 12, is a spooky recluse who foretells the future of each family member
MARCIE, aged 15, discovers lust in the dust and never looks back
DAVO, aged 16, the Beetle Creek Casanova, is no stranger to hard yakka or sexual benevolence
UNCLE WALLY is fresh out of jail ...
and JACK is writing it all down!

"I was fooled into thinking this was a genuine autobiography, not fiction. The characters are so real and warm."

Book Title
Children's Fiction

Yesterday, Blake Abbott was a bored 11-year-old schoolkid in Brisbane, Australia.

Today, thanks to the double-dealing, treacherous Sir Hubert Tussleberry, he is now Sir Blake the Bored, the youngest knight in mad King Putrid's kingdom of Tortellini.

His mother is about to be roasted by a dragon,the hideous, shape-shifting Garunchis are after him,

Prince Purpleburp commands him to walk the tightrope ... up there! [gulp]

and - worst of all - the bloodthirsty Princess Olivia wants to kiss him.

Slaying a dragon is starting to look easy.

"Crazy characters in an Aussie fantasy setting with kangaroos, crocodiles -- and a dragon!"

Author's Books
Book Title
Text/How-To Books

Good Plot Structure: the 7 Essential Steps is the first book in a series designed to help novice writers achieve their dream of completing a novel. If you have always wanted to write, but not made a start, now is the time! This book offers the perfect starting point. The familiar commercial (genre) novel has a very specific plot structure: if elements are missing or weak, the novel is destined to disappoint the reader. Popular Australian writing mentor Jim Parsons draws on his 20 years' experience to offer clear instructions, tips and warnings in a down-to-earth witty style to help you craft the best possible plot.

"Jim was born to mentor."

"With thanks to my writing tutor and mentor, Jim Parsons, without whom my book would not have seen the light of day."

Book Title
Text/How-To Books

The opening chapter of your novel is crucial to its success. If Chapter One is awful, who would read any further? This book from popular Australian writing mentor, Jim Parsons, will help you write the perfect opening chapter that will hook the reader and perform all the other functions that a good opening chapter should perform.
Not only will you gain insights into the craft of writing but you will find each chapter offers pertinent exercises to hone your skills. As well, Jim offers professional feedback on Chapter One of your work-in-progress (an optional extra).

Book Title
Text/How-To Books

The term 'Show, Don't Tell' can send shivers down the novice writer's spine - it mystifies, confuses and frustrates. Aren't we story-tellers... what is so wrong with telling? This new book by popular Australian writing mentor Jim Parsons is dedicated to the killing this beast. Jim explains just what the sin of 'Telling' is, why it is not the best way to engage the reader, and - most important of all - how to avoid the problem.
Each chapter concludes with relevant exercises to help you overcome the problem and learn to 'show, don't tell'.

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