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Kate Loveday grew up at the seaside in Adelaide when her passions were swimming and reading.

Always wanting to write it was not until an extended caravan holiday around Australia with husband Peter that she began writing, starting with travel articles. Her first novels, 'Inheritance' and 'Black Mountain', inspired by the beautiful, rugged, north of Queensland, and its interesting characters.

A love of history prompted her to research the rural area of mid-north NSW while there, and the lives of women in the nineteenth century, when women had few rights and were dominated by men. This provoked her to write 'An Independent Woman', the first book in the Redwoods series that chronicles the life and passions of Kitty Morland, followed by ‘A Liberated Woman’ and ‘An Ambitious Woman’, which continue her story and that of her daughter Joy and her extended family

'The Trophy Wife' is contemporary women’s fiction set in Sydney, which she wrote because of concern over the proliferation of domestic violence worldwide. It also looks at some of the difficulties facing the younger generation of new arrivals in Australia, and at female circumcision.

She previously worked as a natural/beauty therapist, running her own business. When not writing she enjoys reading, listening to music, spending time with Peter, her family and her friends. She loves chocolate, good food and wine, dogs, music,meeting new people and travelling.

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South Australia
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Historical Fiction, Romance, Rural Romance, Women's Fiction
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Author's Books
Book Title
Rural Romance

An Australian rural romance about an unexpected inheritance that sends a city girl down deep into the country...

INHERITANCE is a great romantic suspense story, but also a chronicle of Cassie’s life as she grows into a woman. I really liked her characters. I also enjoyed how she incorporated the lore of the Aboriginal people of Australia in the story. Ms. Loveday has created a wonderful setting in Yallandoo. Her characters are wonderfully developed and come alive off the page. This is a great book! “……………...By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lisa

“With her first novel ‘Inheritance’ ,Kate Loveday has created a fantastic read. I for one, applaud her wonderful talent. Great work! Can’t wait for her next book!

I give this book a five star rating …”……………….

Sarah Cook , Author of Australian Fiction

“Overall I found Inheritance compelling. Kate Loveday has a wonderful talent for getting into each and every character’s head and telling the story from their point of view. The different twists and turns in the story retain the reader’s interest.

A very believable story; one that draws the reader in and leaves them feeling as though they have not only met these people but have really managed to get to know them all, very well”...............RRAH reviewed by Kay James


Book Title
Romance, Women's Fiction

What do you do when the one you love turns violent? Rich or poor, the dilemma is the same for every woman who experiences domestic violence. This is how one woman strives to build a new life. Erin McDonald is swept off her feet by business mogul Giles Brightman. She hardly believes it when he proposes but she soon realises he wants nothing more from her than to look beautiful and do as he says. But slowly Giles' violent side emerges.Erin knows she must get away. But he won't let her go easily.
With little money of her own, and a platinum Amex card, she develops an audacious plan to give her a second chance – at Giles’ expense!
Aden is captivated from the start, but Aden has a secret.
Can Erin forge a new life? Could a new life also lead to a new love?

I love women-of-strength novels and that is one on of the things Kate Loveday does so well. When young and lonely Erin McDonald leaves her home for a new job shortly after her mother's death, she is vulnerable to the practiced machinations of the urbane Giles Brightman and falls completely under his spell. Young, inexperienced, and loving does not equal weak, her love holds up under his growing busy-man routine but when he crosses a line, she walks. The tale of the rebuilding of her life, her soul, is the fascinating journey we travel with The Trophy Wife.Goodreads

'The Trophy Wife' focuses on that, however becomes an expanded story line and much more. The characters, beginning with Erin McDonald, broadens in a way that adds to story, but also creates many plots and sub-plots to wonder about. It started with a unique beginning to pique interest to continue to read to see if the predictions met. It is a very easy read. I was so enthralled I finished it over the weekend! It's a love story but there is money, power, crime, intimidation, friendships, business ventures and more. Excellent work!
Author’s Den

Book Title
Historical Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

Kitty Morland, a young woman in London in 1878 yields to temptation one fateful day and commits a criminal act and flees to the other side of the world, to Australia, taking her widowed mother, Bella, with her.
Fearful that her past will catch up with her she marries William, an English aristocrat, and moves from Sydney to Redwoods in Bulahdelah, a remote logging area in the mid north of New South Wales – a place of red-cedar forests, wild rivers, and the loneliness of an early settlement.
Kitty needs all her courage and determination to survive a loveless marriage, dominated by a husband with a dark side to his character.
She realises too late that the passion she feels for Rufe Cavanagh, a charismatic and entrepreneurial colonial, is reciprocated
Kitty finally has a chance for love and happiness but, torn between love and duty, she must make a difficult decision

“A brilliant read. I could not put this book down and the end left me begging for more.”

“A fabulous story! Well written and well told with colourful characters and finely drawn scenes.”
~Jacqueline Winn, author and editor

“Ms. Loveday's novel has everything for which one could ask in a historical novel: clear, compelling prose; engaging, well-drawn characters who mirror their place and time; and a complex, fast-moving plot involving domestic tragedy, diamonds, the perils of a logging camp and of a gold-mining town, a love banned by the time's laws of marriage, and a crime with results that span years and half a world. All of these elements take place in a vividly realized setting of frontier Australia with frontier Sydney, immense, exotic forests, wild rivers, and the loneliness of pioneer settlements.” Alfred D Byrd

Author's Books
Book Title
Rural Romance

Elly and Mitchell must venture deep into the Daintree Rainforest in their hunt for a rare plant needed to produce the unique ‘fountain of youth’. Their search takes them to Black Mountain, a sinister place, dark, menacing, forbidding where many who have ventured have disappeared without trace. When Elly goes missing Mitchell realises they are not the only ones on the trail of the plant and Elly is in danger. Has she disappeared into Black Mountain? Can he find her in time? And will their friendship develop into something more?

By PammyJ on July 1, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Congratulations., Kate I have just completed my reading of Black Mountain that I purchased through Amazon. I really enjoyed the story with all of its Australiana, intrigue and danger as well as the developing relationships and of course the twist.. I certainly didn't see that coming. I truly consider that this is the best of your writings thus far and look forward to future publications from you

By Jeanie Jackson
Black Mountain is an exciting and complex adventure focusing on a race between greed and love. Elly desperately wants to fulfill her father's dream of developing an amazing herbal based anti-aging cream to add to her mother's line of herbal skin care. She had worked with him until his death but set aside the research in her mourning until someone stole the book in which he kept his notes. With the help of an old family friend she must find the key component, a rare plant, before the thieves find it.

Elly is continuing the research of her father when the new love she thought was there goes missing. A series of mysterious events bring Mitchell, a former police officer , into her life to assist in solving the mystery on the insistence of her mother.
First time reading this author and thoroughly enjoyed her description of the country, characters and story line. Will be checking out her other books.

Book Title
Historical Fiction, Romance

When Kitty Barron meets former lover, Rufe Cavanagh it was a chance to re-kindle their love, but Rufe’s scheming daughter has other ideas.
When Kitty’s daughter Joy and friend Lily go to England to meet Joy’s family they participate in a London Season. When Lily falls for dashing Captain Pierce she finds romance doesn’t work out as expected. Not everybody are as they seem, and their romances bring problems for Kitty and Rufe. From rural NSW to the court of Queen Victoria, follow the Barrons and the Cavanaghs through the twists and turns as the twentieth century draws near.

Lib Woman 4star review on iBooks by Rowkie
A book to definite read! Wow, loved it so much, I do recommend reading the first book first, but I can't wait for the third to come out.

A Liberated Woman is a light hearted romantic tale of women, young and old, coming to grips with the evolution of a new social order forming at the beginning of the twentieth century. Kate Loveday has penned a story that flows well. I feel buyers of this book will get enjoyment out of seeing how the protagonists overcome the different situations they find themselves thrust into.
What happens to Joy and her close friend Lily while the two girls are in London turns their world and everyone around them into chaos.
Review by Warren Thurston , Australian Author

“Kate Loveday’s writing is emotionally touching. The stories as they unfold on the different paths were done in a wonderful way while still tying the main threads together. I must say my emotions did become involved for one of the story lines was heart rending for it is a portrait of life even in this day and age. The writer has a great way of telling her story in words. A historical romance that is not just Australia or London but a mixture of cultures and countries. This one is a good read for a long night. ” Anna Swedenmom

Book Title
Historical Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

The old ways are changing, but they can't change fast enough for Joy Barron...
When David opposes her she schemes to get her way. She continues on her wilful way until tragedy strikes and fills her with remorse. Then Thunder, the big, black stallion arrives, and Josh Frazer.

Joy is broken hearted when David goes to America. Josh is willing to take his place in her affections, but she is unresponsive until the children go missing , and her feelings change.

Can a woman love two men? How can she choose between two loves?

Review by wendy on amazon
More Please!
I enjoyed reading Ambitious Women as the last in this trilogy. It concluded the story with an interesting and satisfact ory ending and if there was more I would love to keep

Review by Stuart Rose on Amazon.
Very enjoyable. 5 stars.

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