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I am a children's author focusing on ways to teach young children first aid skills in a fun way. Finlay the First Aid Bear: The Dare to Golden Mountain Book One is my debut book which teaches young children basic first aid skills through an adventure with little sister Evee.

I own my own Registered Training Organisation called First Aid Action RTO 31668 in Brisbane since 2008. I have taught first aid skills to people from various backgrounds for over 17 years and my previous life was a Registered Nurse in Brisbane.

I have always dreamed of ways to teach young children some first aid skills to help family and friends but didn't want to release a boring manual for them to read and throw away. So, I came up with Finlay, a teenage bear who loves adventures but luckily knows first aid from doing a course at the Wilderness Warriors. It is a fun, colourful and beautifully illustrated book with footnotes on first aid as Finlay and Evee adventure to the Golden Mountain in search of delicious Salmon.

Finlay will be teaching more first aid in Book two and three to be released this year. After that he will go on a different journey and keep teaching first aid skills in various adventures.

Watch this space for something exciting coming out soon with Finlay!

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Join Finlay the First Aid Bear and his little sister, Evee, as they journey to Golden Mountain to catch the best salmon in the world. Things don’t go to plan, but luckily Finlay knows first aid so he can help others when they are hurt. Finlay can’t wait to share his skills with you so that you know what to do in an emergency. Read along with Finlay the First Aid Bear in this beautifully illustrated children's book, which teaches young children the importance of learning first aid skills at a young age.

I loved this story and the illustrations were cheerful and helpful. A great teaching book about contacting emergency services and basic first aid. Also to remain calm in a crisis. Findlay is a lovable, friendly bear. He and his sister go on an adventure. This book is continued and I’m excited about more in this series. (Susan on Goodreads)

Finlay, The First Aid Bear, is a beautifully illustrated children’s book that not only highlights the importance of learning first aid for young children but does it in a fun way.

As you read along with Finlay on his exciting adventure to the Golden Mountain, together with his sister Evie, Finlay has to overcome several challenges.

It’s a fun, exciting, and educational book that teaches children that with some first-aid knowledge, they’ll be better prepared for any situation they encounter. Loved it! (Ben Jackson on Goodreads)

Great book for the kids, the adventures and mishaps of Finlay and Evee are no different to what’s expected from children. The book keeps them engaged and you can play along with them doing basic first aid as you read through the book.
Get a little first aid kit with bandages and bandaids and let them play. (Chris on Goodreads)

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