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L.E. Luttrell was born in Sydney, Australia and spent the first 21 years of her life there before moving

to the UK.

After working in publishing for a few years she trained as a teacher and from the 90s spent many years working in secondary education, although she’s had numerous other part time jobs.

Since the Covid outbreak L.E. Luttrell is currently living in Merseyside U.K. When there is not a crisis she normally spends time between Queensland Australia, Wales UK and Merseyside.

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Crime, Mystery, Thriller
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Book Title
Crime, Thriller

When she was very young, Cate Brant witnessed the murder of her mother. The killer was never found. Cate never forgot the killer’s face. He haunted her nightmares for many years.
Determined to keep the image of the man who murdered her mother alive in her head, Cate begins obsessively drawing him, which brings trouble for her at home and at school. However she can’t stop and continues her passion in secret, naively confident and determined that when she is an adult, the police will be able to help her trace this killer. Her first police visit brings disappointment. But after spotting the killer many years later on a suburban street in Sydney, she once again approaches the police. This time around, Cate’s visit to the police triggers a series of tragic deaths and puts her life at risk.
Will Cate be able to overcome her grief, feelings of guilt, and fear of endangering the lives of family members, to work closely with the police to catch this ruthless killer?
Set in England and Australia, ‘Drawing Danger’ is about a young woman’s struggle to bring her mother’s killer to justice.

5.0 out of 5 stars Suspense and Intriging
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 April 2018
Verified Purchase
I thoroughly enjoyed this book full of suspense and intrigue, the story centres around Cate who lost her mum in horrific circumstance that she witnessed whilst hiding from the murderer when she was just 6 years old. She decides to make a sketch of him and keeps on doing so until she turns 18 and begins to right a wrong and see the man responsible rot for his crimes. Sadly this becomes an horrific ride and it affects all those that she holds dear. What will the outcome be and read it and find out.

Kayleigh Mathews rated it really liked it
4.5 stars - I have no idea why this book took me so long to read because it's such an addicting read - more detailed review to come on my blog

Jax rated it really liked it
I really enjoyed this book. It took me a couple of chapters to get into the story. The style of writing reminded me of a true crime book which only added to the suspense of Cate's turbulent life. Just when I felt comfortable with the story there was another twist and a turn to keep me on my toes. I liked how the story was spread across two continents and the detail to both countries' idiosyncrasies were well presented and engaging. A romp of a read.

Crime, Mystery

How desperate would you be if you lost your only daughter?
Annie Huxley, brought up by her grandparents on a remote cattle station, always believed her parents were dead. While on holiday with her family she decides to visit her parent’s graves in the NSW country town where she was born. There she discovers the first lie. As she begins to seek the truth, it’s not long before Annie uncovers further riddles.
When Annie begins to ask probing questions by email, Len, her grandmother’s second husband, severs her only form of contact with him. Annie decides to fly to England to track him down. What she learns turns her world upside down. Could the impulsive actions by a grieving mother have shattered so many lives? Has Annie’s life been a complete work of fiction?
Returning to Australia, Annie makes contact with Detective India Hargreaves in an attempt to get to the bottom of it all. As things begin to move forward a suspicious death occurs which throws the investigation sideways …
The Breakdown is a crime/mystery drama set in Australia and England. It is the story of how an impulsive crime committed by a grieving mother alters a family's life.

Jonathan Harris
4.0 out of 5 stars Full of surprises!
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 June 2020
I enjoyed The Breakdown, especially the suspense and mystery surrounding Annie's origins. There are real surprises in this intriguing and closely argued exploration of one person's odyssey as they endeavour to find the missing pieces of their own backstory.
I also enjoyed the descriptions of places in both Australia and North East England.

Jennifer rated it really liked it
Shelves: mystery-thrillers

This is a tale of a huge event that happens and grandparents involved in an accident and they see a young girl on her own nearby and they decide to take her. The little girl’s name is Annie and she has some memories of her past but the couple especially the grandmother jumps all over Annie’s memories and reinforces the seed that Annie’s parents are dead.

Her grandfather passes in time her grandmother marries again to a British man called Len. Now over time her Grandmother becomes ill and when she passes Len acts very strangely and up sticks back to the U.K.

Over time Annie discovers her life is a lie and we see her over time finding the real truth about who she really is. Not only that we also find out about how the lie/lies affect Annie and her family and others to come.

It is lovely to see Detective India Hargreaves, she is a no nonsense detective with great instincts (less)

Book Title
Crime, Mystery

Be careful what you wish for.
She wanted to be famous. But not like this.
Ellen Gibson always dreamed of being a star. At a young age those dreams were shattered.
Discovering she holds the winning ticket in a 55-million Powerball jackpot, Ellen sees it as her opportunity to be in the limelight. But at what cost?
Detective India Hargreaves and her small team are called in to investigate the disappearance of five-year-old Joshua Gibson, but the investigation is taken over by the big guns from Police Headquarters when it turns out to be a kidnapping.
When the media and the lead investigator suspect Ellen of being behind the kidnapping, her fame
disintegrates into a nightmare and she seems powerless to stop events spiralling out of control …

5.0 out of 5 stars An engaging read
Reviewed in Australia on 4 May 2021
Verified Purchase
The plot grabbed me from the start and I couldn't put the book down. Well written with good insight into human character and empathy for human failings. Highly recommend this book and this author

Chloe 'hichlochu'
Oct 07, 2020Chloe 'hichlochu' rated it really liked it
As a mother myself this is one of the scenarios I fear about. I scares me the idea of losing a child or them being taken. So reading through this book heightened my maternal instincts to hold on tighter.

The book centres around the Gibson family, highlighting even before the kidnapping the tension between the couple and the differences in dreams. Ellen just wants to feel important for a day, feel the spotlight on her as she never got the chance due to an injury. Max just wants the simple life, one of habit where everything has a place. Josh just wants what every 5 year old wants, his parents love and affection. But a lottery win soon brings their lives tumbling down.

The story develops with Joshua’s kidnapping and it becomes clear that soon there will be no turning back for any of them. There was no turning back for me either. Its writing style was fast paced and gripping, the main detective, India Hargreaves was empowering, a machine: but most all I enjoyed the journey the book took me on.

This thriller is original, addictive and knows how to make a parent hurt. I would definitely recommend this to all my crime loving friends. I can’t wait to dive into more by this author. (less)

Jo Williams
Oct 11, 2020Jo Williams rated it really liked it
Have you ever imagined what you would do if you won the jackpot on one of the lotteries? My list would probably go something like help others, books, go on the trip of a lifetime, books, buy a house, books.... you get my drift! Ellen Gibson's first thought is to use it as her ticket (no pun intended) to fame, to live the life of the celebrities she reads about in her glossy magazines. Unfortunately, this lottery ticket is someone else's ticket to fortune too, as is her 5 year old son.

When young Josh is snatched from his home as his mother gives another interview inside, Detective India Hargreaves and her team begin to investigate. Everyone is a suspect, and no stone is left unturned. I enjoyed the pace of this novel and the characterisation. I was torn between feeling sorry for Ellen Gibson and feeling frustrated at her shallow opportunism but ultimately, my empathy won out. I liked Detective Hargreaves' no-nonsense approach and the way she had to put her own judgements of Ellen aside to do her son justice.

I found myself a little confused a couple of times by how old Josh was, as sometimes he seemed closer to a toddler than a child and at others, he was mature enough to make me think he was an older child. It wasn't a deal breaker for me though, and I lapped this story up. I enjoyed the interactions between characters, which I felt revealed more depths to them as the plot thickened.

I would recommend this for those who like a police procedural with a little less grit and a bit more cosiness than some in the genre and I'm definitely interested in reading more by this author. (less)

Author's Books
Book Title
Crime, Mystery

In a quiet Sydney suburb, soon-to-be-married Sonny Day sets off on his bike to catch the train to work. He never makes it to the station. After his fiancée Chrys reports him missing, DI India Hargreaves launches a low-key investigation.

Weeks later, a man’s body is found, mutilated and buried, on a nearby building site, but it’s not Sonny, and with no solid leads, both investigations stall…until a letter arrives from Sonny, claiming he’s met someone else.

Chrys insists Sonny wrote it under duress. She convinces India to investigate further, beginning with the photograph that came with the letter and ending in Scotland and the discovery of more mysterious deaths. But two questions remain unanswered.
Whose body was buried on the building site? And where is Sonny Day?

Nancy (The Avid Reader)
Nov 10, 2021Nancy (The Avid Reader) rated it it was amazing ·
Shelves: read-2021, read-novrember-2021, l-e-luttrell, crime, mystery, suspense
The mystery itself was incredibly well thought out and executed. There were so many twisted strands to this story and Luttrell did a brilliant job of tying off all the ends at the conclusion. Everything fitted perfectly together and I couldn't even begin to imagine trying to plot out a story like this. I feel like it really lends credit to Luttrell's ability in her genre that everything was kept straight and I didn't fall into any glaring plot holes. Just when I thought I had some things worked out, more information was revealed that really kept me guessing.
When I finally reached the end and it all came tumbling out I was shocked as I promise you I never saw it coming. I never expected what happened in a million years. Now I am wondering what DI India Hargreaves has waiting for us in the future. I am anxious to find out.

Would I recommend The Photograph? Well, of course, I would.

Nov 19, 2021Jessica (Read book. Repeat) rated it really liked it
You can find this review and all my others over at

The mystery itself was incredibly well thought out and executed. There were so many twisted strands to this story and Luttrell did a brilliant job of tying off all the ends at the conclusion. Everything fitted perfectly together and I couldn't even begin to imagine trying to plot out a story like this. I feel like it really lends credit to Luttrell's ability in her genre that everything was kept straight and I didn't fall into any glaring plot holes. Just when I thought I had some things worked out, more information was revealed that really kept me guessing.

Book Title

Kelly O’Brien is trapped in a relationship with Carlos, a violent controlling man. She is desperate to be free of him.
When Kelly meets Lucy and Tom on holiday in Thailand, Lucy comes up with the perfect escape plan. Just as they are about to implement it, a tsunami strikes the resort, leading to chaos and tragedy.
Devastated over Kelly’s disappearance, Carlos goes in search of Lucy for help. His aggressive behaviour causes her to flee and go into hiding.
Lucy travels to Llandudno in Wales with her daughter to visit her in-laws and ends up settling there - thinking she is safe. But twelve years later, an unexpected visitor turns up on Lucy’s doorstep who turns her whole world upside down.
The Wave is a psychological thriller set in: Phuket, Thailand; Melbourne, Australia and Llandudno, Wales.

5.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous read
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 1 April 2021
Verified Purchase
The storyline for this book was very cleverly written. You could “feel” the anger, pain, love and fear.. brilliant ending

Jill Sharp
5.0 out of 5 stars The Wave (book)
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 4 July 2021
Verified Purchase
Brilliant book from start to finish! Loved it!!

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