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Hi, I’m Greg Mutton. I live on the mid north coast of New South Wales, Australia in a quiet bay-side village with my wife and our 2 cats.

It feels great to have the opportunity to finally start getting my stories out of my head and onto the page where I can share them with others. If I’m totally honest, I began writing 30+ years ago, but the serious stuff started happening in 2016.

I have spent most of my working life in engineering and management and, when faced with being forced to retire (medically) I needed an outlet. I began writing in earnest, and in 12 months had a manuscript to send to an editor. The first response was “it’s too long and should be a trilogy”. Another year later and Chronicle of the 12th Realm was born.

 I like to write about people who are forced to tackle situations – people just like you and I who rise to the challenge. I believe that no matter how advanced, no matter what technology we invent, human beings will always define their existence by their actions, both individually and collectively.

I don’t have superheroes (I’ve never actually met any) but I explore the real physical and metaphysical abilities people have. I take examples from life – emotions, love, despair, romance – and infuse these into my characters and plots. I enjoy using literary license to enhance my stories, design alien species, and describe future technologies. After all, I am a science fiction writer.

I hope you enjoy reading my books and, being part of this journey with me.

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New South Wales
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Action/Adventure, Crime, Romance, Science Fiction
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Book Title
Action/Adventure, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction

The possibility of settling a 30 year feud between two brothers starts the adventure. As Aaron Abraham and his stunning new first officer Petra Mannix head to Earth for a family reunion, their ship is attacked.
They are thrust into a multi-dimensional conflict and Aaron and Petra become a formidable team.

Great balance of action to characterisation

I enjoyed this story from the beginning. The characters are believable and engaging. It’s a refreshing change to have characters who are neither total misfits in society nor superheros with no faults whatsoever. With the story-line developing well and the right amount of action, this is an enjoyable read. (Michelle)

A good read

I really enjoyed this book. I found it an easy read with good character development. The author knows his subject and really tells the story in a way that takes us to a time in the future while keeping a thread to the present day. This is obviously the first in a series of books and I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series. (Robyn)

Well paced – I loved it!

‘I liked that the pace of the characters and their relationships wasn’t too fast plus the setting of the story is great! Loved Petra; could really imagine her. And the you-beaut ship, all those upgrades they got later in the book – how lucky – like upgrading your 4WD!

I could see that there is conflict building. There’s a dark plot going on in the background– that kept me interested. Mondrac was an interesting character- wasn’t quite sure of him at first. Whose side was he on I wondered?

It’s easy reading, not too drawn out. I loved it! Now I can’t wait for book 2! – (Dave)

Action/Adventure, Romance, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction

The conflict to enslave the human realm escalates. A new cruise liner is hijacked, and a battleship is captured. Things are grim as the inhabitants of the 12th Realm begin to fight back. Aaron and Petra lead the fight, only now they are separated by several dimensions. Petra risks everything to stop a flawed move by human forces. If she fails, it will be her lover who kills her.

Great continuity

Brilliant read Greg! Love the characters! Very strong, independent & easily relatable. Story continuity is excellent. Keep them coming! (Sandy)

Bloody Good!

Lots of surprises and I loved the twist at the end. (Carmel)


Book Title
Action/Adventure, Romance, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction

Has the tide of the battle turned? The enemies of the human race have one desperate weapon to unleash. Only Aaron, Petra and a small group of Freeboot Traders can intervene; but is it all too late?

Great Read!

Where does he get his ideas from? I couldn’t put it down! (Olga)

Loved it!

So many interesting characters and well written. (Jacqui)


Author's Books
Book Title
Action/Adventure, Crime, Romance, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction

A tiny meteorite and an almost impossible power failure thrusts the crew of the trade ship Drake into a life threatening situation. An adventure of survival and courage as a political conspiracy is played throughout the known universe.

Greg’s a genius!

This book has made my holiday. Greg’s imagination is off the galactic charts! (Hamish)

Book Title
Action/Adventure, Rural Romance, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction

A simple mission to a small Coalition science station on Zyralin 4 is all that stands between Captain Dean and his next promotion.
When the majority of his small task force is destroyed, the only surviving ship holds the key to what happened
Why were Coalition ships destroyed in friendly space?
What happened to the science station?
These questions hang over the mission, and a full military inquiry is convened to find the answers.
Against a backdrop of political intrigue and rogue agents, relationships are tested as the hidden events must come to light.
When power dictates all, how can the truth break free?

In this powerhouse new book of his 12th realm series, author Greg Mutton delivers to his readers what they expect and love about his talent for great epic Sci-Fi adventure.
“A great writer of our modern times and one who loves his craft…A great read and addition to his series…” Tony, IndieBook reviewer

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