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Nicole Walsh is a cat enthusiast from the east coast of Australia who loves fern gardens and long dresses. She writes short stories and novel-length speculative fiction and urban fantasy that spans from a little bit dark, a little bit amusing through to a little bit steamy. Visit Nicole at: and

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Fantasy, Flash Fiction, Short Story/Anthology, Urban Fantasy
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Paranormal Fiction, Urban Fantasy

Princess Kaeleen of the Nine Worlds has been disinherited. And the daughter of light and dark, now just "Lacey," has been content in the world of heavy metal music, clubbing, fashion, one-night-stands, takeaway, and hangovers ever since.
That is until her carefree, party-girl lifestyle comes to a screeching halt when her powerful best friend tears off on a heartbreak-fueled path of self-destruction and mayhem. Add a dangerously strained relationship with Lacey's demon Queen mother, an ambitious half-sister jostling for power, and a demon assassin ripping her friends apart, and Lacey is well out of her depth.
On the precipice of losing everything she values, fatherless and powerless Lacey must find the strength to unite violently opposed factions and personalities to protect the lives she holds dear.

Steamy-hot urban fantasy
Polyamorous, paranormal romance

Fantasy, Short Story/Anthology

(Short story)
In Witches, Warriors, and Wyverns, twenty-two amazing authors from around our mundane globe offer peeks into what fantasy societies and characters are doing when they aren’t wrestling with earthshattering issues such as preventing the takeover of the world by a horde of orcs, the devastation of the earth by fire-breathing dragons, or the reawakening of uncaring, multitentacled gods. Come read about what passes for normal life in a world populated with mythological monsters, magick, and legendary fighters. Visit with a selkie mother trying to feed her children, a giant with a taste for mangoes, a kinky warbear, a wyvern who can’t find a mate, and many more.Authors include: Alexandra Grunberg, Marcas McClellan, Bryce L. Meyer, Kevin Stadt, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Nicole Walsh, Mel Hudson, L. P. Melling, Laurence Raphael Brothers, Russell Hemmell, Dawn Vogel, Elizabeth Zuckerman, Thomas Gondolfi, Erin Casey, Dave D'Alessio, J. Brenton Parker, Amelia Kibbie, Keith J. Hoskins, Geoffrey Hart, Richie Billing, Daved F. Shultz, and Ali Abbas.

Book Title
Fantasy, Short Story/Anthology, Urban Fantasy

(Short story)
Love them or hate them, without a good villain, a story is missing a vital piece of its puzzle. These authors tackle the often misunderstood and misguided antagonist from their perspective. Though we'd be remiss if we didn't allow for evil for the sake of evil, because who doesn't love a 'good' Big Baddie. Come along as we explore the other side of the story and see just what makes these characters - Villains.

With Stories From:
Benjamin DeHaan - "Scalevolution"
Laura J. Campbell - "The Omong Sri"
Linda M. Crate - "Queen Amalia"
Nicole Walsh - "Hell-Bound"
Alex Minns - "Chimera Station"
MR Wells - "The Ballad of Black Rook"
Eve Morton - "Tall Tales, or I Was A Teenage Superhero"
Andrew P. McGregor - "The Tithe Collectors"
Melissa Ferguson - "A New Kind of Hunger"
Glenda Thompson - "Misdemeanor Murders"
Lyra Meurer - "Under The Fig Tree"
Sarah Lapalme - "The Family Legacy"
Helen Obermeier - "The Alien I Shot"
Jordan Davidson - "For The Hunt"
Steven E. Scribner - "The Fourth Source"
Erin Swann - "A Necessary Sacrifice"

Author's Books
Book Title
Fantasy, Short Story/Anthology, Urban Fantasy

(Short story)
Insurgence: A Fae Rebellion
Stories of the fae are wild and varied. From mischief-makers to baby takers, their supernatural abilities enthrall us. But what if they were real, waiting and calculating a time to take back the world that was once theirs? Would they do it peacefully, or take over violently? Would humans even notice? Dive into this anthology and explore the myriad possibilities of what a fae insurgence just might be like.

Book Title
Fantasy, Short Story/Anthology, Urban Fantasy

(Short story)
Find a comfy chair and get ready to put off those chores you've been meaning to do, because A Quiet Afternoon 2 is here to distract you with twenty-seven speculative Low-Fi tales of harmonious resolutions, idle reminiscences, and hopeful dreams.

Unruly neighbours learn to coexist peacefully... Family recipes are as valuable as any treasure... And princesses do not need rescuing.

Spend some time with the bricklayers who refuse to let a robot take their jobs, a woman made of gems who wants to be a bird, and a very brave squirrel. Explore the shop where you can pawn your dreams, tour a house who wants to be haunted, and take in the fairground where dinosaurs come to life.

Comfy and cosy with a touch of the bittersweet, these low-stakes moderate-rewards stories are ready to let you relax.

Featuring stories by:
Stewart C. Baker
Gabrielle Bleu
L. Chan
Jessica Cho
Katie Conrad
Emily Deibert
S. M. Dziok
Rebecca Gomez Farrell
Elizabeth Hirst
Liam Hogan
Meia Holland
Sally Jo
Tawanda Adrian Konde
Brian M. Milton
Tiffany Morris
Eamonn Murphy
Christopher R. Muscato
Aimee Ogden
Maraki Piedras
Almah LaVon Rice
Darren Ridgley
Tamoha Sengupta
Christina Tang-Bernas
Sara L. Uckelman
Amrita Valan
Xan van Rooyen
Nicole Walsh

Book Title
Fantasy, Flash Fiction, Short Story/Anthology, Urban Fantasy

(Short story)
Forty-one enthralling stories from the most talented new science fiction, fantasy, and horror writers.
MetaStellar is an online publication focusing on science fiction, fantasy, and horror launched in September 2020, founded by a dozen speculative fiction writers, editors, and artists from around the world.
Since then, it's published hundreds of short stories by hundreds of writers, both original fiction, reprints, and excerpts. The proceeds from this anthology will help pay for even more original fiction in years to come.

Book Title #76
Anthology, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy

(Short story )
Sci Fi Lampoon Magazine

The Winter 2021 edition of the Sci-Fi Lampoon released in the late spring of 2021 for comedic effect. Containing stories from Craig Crawford, Dan Aex, David Sandwich, Nicole Walsh, Shawn Kobb, Dale Stromberg, John Mara, Mohsin, Jeff Baldwin, JW Allen, Gina Hanson, Christopher A. Micklos, James Rumpel, J. David Thayer, Louis Evans, William Miller, Christopher T. Dabrowski, Christopher Miller, and Margret A. Treiber, and an ad from Boris Glikman

Book Title #76 #77
Fantasy, Non-Fiction, Science Fiction, Short Story/Anthology

(Short story) Magazine:
Etherea Magazine #4

Nine fantastic pieces of speculative fiction!
Etherea sat down with the talented Nicholas Eames, to talk about his writing process, inspiration for his characters, and much more.
Hear from Independent Author, Carrie Harris, on supervising autopsies, working with small presses, and working for Marvel
Enjoy the amazing artwork supplied by highly talented artist Madison Brake
Resistance by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky is reviewed

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