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Rick Allen
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Rick Allen lives in Woodsdale, Tasmania, with his wife Lesley. Rick is a “born and bred” Tasmanian (1956), with a keen interest in naval history, military horses, saddlery, long equestrian journeys, and the history of his profession; that of saddler. He started his education at Cosgrove High School; and with his father a merchant seaman and professional fisherman, grandfather a master mariner tug skipper in London, and his great grandfather a master mariner Thames Barge sailing captain, it was a natural progression for Rick to join the navy at the age of 15 and complete his education at HMAS Leeuwin.

Rick then went into the Electronic Technical Weapons branch of the navy and served on many ships and support depots. Upon discharge from the permanent navy, Rick then served another 8 years in the reserves on a patrol boat. Some of the hats that Rick has worn since those navy days include those of qualified electrical fitter, workplace trainer and assessor, ship’s master, marine engine driver, saddler, and horseback tour guide; just to mention a few.

Rick’s passion to write comes from a desire to pass knowledge and stories on to others.

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~ ~ ~
After the Nuclear Holocaust, Dick, Patch and their close friends are fighting for their lives against unbelievable odds. The only habitable places left are Taswegia and New Haka.
Two ex-Navy Clearance Divers, an ex-Army Sapper and their partners fight to reach a place where they can make contact with others who are hopefully still alive, and who can help them rid their land of the Alliance!
~ ~ ~
Richard (Dick) and Beth (Patch) Mann, were in their workshop finishing the last of the repairs for some locals. Because there was no power, they were using the old Pearson sewing machine (hand operated) to mend some canvas roo bags. It was no good flashing up their little generator set to run the heavy industrial sewing machines …
“Hey Chook, it’s nearly 10am. Can you turn the UHF set on please? We might get an update.”

Beep… Beep… Beep…
“Here is the news for Friday 2nd January 2015, Alex Brand reporting.
As I speak, we have reports that forces, calling themselves “The New Alliance” have landed at all major ports in Taswegia.
In Kings Town, commander of the invasion force, General Jun Lee Sung, has summoned all the members of the Taswegian parliament on to the lawns in front of Parliament to discuss our surrender details!
This is crazy! Who do these people think they are! Surrender? Why? And to who?
Wait! I have more reports coming in! They’re systematically executing everyone! Oh no! They have beheaded the Premier…..

‘Surgery went well; started on your book, mate, hard to put down!!! I love the genre, I got five days in here and to tell you the truth, I’m finding it better reading than Lee Child’s “Reacher” series, so when is part 2 available?
Cheers mate
Brent’ NSW

‘Finished the book on the plane, boy I couldn’t put it down, really upset that April got shot, I hope she survives? I really liked the character of Doc, and could empathise about his wife
Loved it!
Sandy’ Launceston TAS

I was the first to read it, caught up with Rick and Lesley for dinner, excused myself early to start TOAST Book 1 The Ride to Hell.
‘Sat up to 2am mate, just couldn’t put it down, can’t wait to finish it!’
3 days later-
Finished the book mate ‘a good read’
Dave Hobart

Book Title

Tales of a Saddle Tramp”

“This book is about how one man’s life can be touched by horses and the bond that develops between horse and rider.
That life is mine - “Rick Allen”; ex-navy electrician turned leatherworker turned saddler, horse rider, endurance club president, Saddlery store owner, horseback tour guide and operator of Saddletramp Horseback Tours.
What started out as a hobby, doing trail rides for fun with the club, ended up a profession; eventually teaching other people how to be tour guides.
The horse at the centre of this bonding is “Bobby” (or Bob as I now call him), a 16 hands high bay brown medium Waler. My passion started with the history of military Saddlery and horses, having done leatherwork while in the Navy, (mainly because I was too cheap to buy the accessories for archery; I decided to make them instead).
In those days I took a liking to leatherwork as a hobby, making belts, stubby holders and handbags. My best work involved hand stitching and I became quite proficient at this, which lead me to begin to repair Saddlery”

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