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The flight to freedom, unleashed her power. The reconciliations, the peace within, the lessons learned from a little bird of unmatched beauty, who unleashed her power as she conquered the perilous skies, has throughout my life been an inspiration. Queenie’s flight to freedom has enabled me to forge my own unique approach to life; a life lived on two continents and on a forty-foot yacht cruising the seas along the East Coast of Australia.

As a child and teenager, I led a very sheltered life with a mother who ruled with a rod of iron, and a father who, albeit a decorated World War II Veteran, was an abusive and violent alcoholic. I lived at a time when South Africa was governed by the Apartheid regime who would enforce the strongest laws of racial discrimination. The socialisation entrenched would forever have affected my mentality if I had not been able to set myself free and take control of my own life.

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The Flight to Freedom unleashed her power.This is a true story of the richly woven tapestry of my life.The Lessons learned from a little bird of unmatched beauty who unleashed her power as she conquered the perilous skies, has, throughout my life, been an inspiration.Queenie's historic flight has enabled me to forge my own unique approach to life; a life lived on two continents and on a forty-foot yacht cruising the seas along the East Coast of Australia.It is a story of hope, love, adventure, loss and grief, the reconciliations, the peace within, the loneliness and the solitude all reflected on as I now tell my story.

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What an awesome read. Enthralling and gripping. It makes the reader feel as if they were there. Left me wanting more. Once you pick this book up you won’t put it down.

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The non-fiction, short stories in this collection are a series of events experienced in the life of the Author and family.
They tell the stories of the years of living on board the forty-foot yacht, The Silent Knight, as they cruised the deep and sometimes dangerous seas. The story of challenges, coping with the complexities of raging and mountainous waves coupled with a sense of joie de vivre to celebrate the absolute calm of the oceans;
The idyllic lifestyle of living on Macleay Island enjoying the warm evenings in this paradise, the starlight glistening across the bay, the moon, listening to the screeching of the ground dwelling, mainly nocturnal curlews as they went about their rituals; and
The story of the encounter with a Cheetah, Ntombi, whilst visiting the Kruger National Park in South Africa.
These, and other stories, will hold the reader spellbound in this collection of extraordinary true accounts as experienced by the Author and those of her family and friends. It is a book to keep by your bedside, to dip into at home or travelling. There is no other way to experience these unique journeys than through these fireside stories.

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Harry Enstrom, an adventurous boy of fourteen years old, left home early one morning, and on June 12, 1889, enrolled as a deck boy at the Shipping Office in Landskrona, Sweden. He would bravely roam the deep and dangerous seas of the Antarctic, the Pacific and Indian Oceans on the Brig Galatheo during the whale catching era.
Arriving in South Africa he packed his bags and left the boat. He ultimately, in October 1899, enlisted in the Anglo Boer War as Trooper 289.
Harry was involved in the skirmish which took place at Scheeper’s Nek near Vryheid, on May 20, 1900. He experienced the mayhem and confusion. The orange flashes of Mauser fire and the whizzing and whining of bullets ricocheting all around him, as he lay injured in the dust, listening to the screams and yells of fellow troopers. He was wounded in action and taken Prisoner of War.
The Pioneer of the Enstrom family in South Africa lived his life dangerously and to the fullest. The war had left him a legacy of pain, suffering and sacrifice. To his family he left a legacy of bravery, fearlessness, and valor.
Seventy years later his Grandson, Aubrey, left the shores of South Africa. As the ship sailed, the Bluff, where Harry had settled loomed in the background as Aubrey and his family sailed for the land “down under”.
The Pioneer of the family in Australia would experience the adventurous life which his Grandfather had longed for. He would live on board a forty-foot yacht for five years cruising the east coast of Australia.
As his Grandfather before him, Aubrey would ultimately succumb to heart failure. He too would leave a legacy of moral integrity, courage, and heroism.

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Noleen Speaks Out – Herstory, is a true story of the institutional abuse meted out during her incarceration in the Good Shepherd Convent. Noleen, the victim, would become the perpetrator. Noleen herself has painted a picture of her life, the continued trauma which she has suffered for many years, how she, a child of eleven, worked as a slave in the infamous laundries, the only incentive was that she would be able to “wash away her sins”.
She tells how she would be exiled into a life of exclusion, punishment, silenced and fed on a relentless diet of guilt. The destruction of her personal records and dereliction of the building housing the halls of horror, where Noleen was subjected to the atrocities, was evident that the authorities did not wish to be reminded of this dark era.
With deep feelings of emotion, Noleen takes the reader through the traumatic court case; the abuse; her barren childhood; her abusive marriage; how she felt broken down and was at the mercy of all her abusers.
She also tells of the pain and suffering endured for many years as the pancreatic cancer and metastasised cancers have consumed her. Noleen remains the most positive, loving and caring person in her twilight years. Herstory is extraordinary and inspirational.

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Crime, Mystery

Having served seamlessly endless tours in Afghanistan, Connor is discharged from the SAS on medical grounds.
Traumatised by the brutality of war, he is unable to adjust to civilian life in Brisbane, and becomes a drunken, drug addicted brawler.
Eventually he hits rock bottom, and seeks sanctuary at the Clover Sheep Station, the family’s home in Central Queensland.
Whilst there he makes an amazing discovery, which sets him off on an adventure to reclaim the family’s fortune.
Returning to his family roots in South Africa, Connor embarks on a dangerous and action-packed mission spanning two continents.

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