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Sonia A Nwajei is a Nigerian-born Australian author and life-style entrepreneur. She is the author of several books of multiple genre, including a recently published fiction titled Kelvin-Dean. Besides writing, Sonia is a fashion enthusiast and founder of HillyLux.

Her hobbies includes reading motivational books, spending time out in nature and listening to good music. Sonia lives in Brisbane, Queensland. Australia.

For more on this bubbly personality, please visit her website -

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Non-Fiction, Self Help

Sometimes in life we hit a road block, in term of career instability, relationship breakdown or lack of motivation, and even past mistakes holding us bound, and stopping us from accepting forgiveness from others and moving forward.

But we do not have to live in hopelessness, nor do we have to give up the desire to pursue or fulfill our goals.

Lack of motivation is one of "Personal Goals & Dreams" biggest killer.

But don't worry about where or how to start your journey towards a better you, cause in this very powerful SELF-HELP book, you'll find encouragement, advice and recommendations that'll enable you take those important steps, required to make positive changes in your life.

Book Title
Educational, Non-Fiction, Self Help

Have you ever thought about publishing a book?

Have you ever wonder what goes into turning a manuscript into a full published book?

Are you a newbie or indie writer, exhausted with self publishing process? Then worry NO More.

This indie publishing book has all the answers you need to perfectly complete your self publishing journey.

No more reading lengthy articles online, or overwhelming yourself with complicated processes.

Get a copy of the insightful book today, to learn the basic, what's most important,and crucial steps that'll enable you make success of your hard work.

Book Title
Educational, Non-Fiction

Many marriages in this day and age barely last a decade. Many couples are struggling to find ways to connect and maintain a happy and thriving relationship. But majority of couples are either ignoring the most effect tips that truly binds a relationship, or they're oblivious to the powers of these 6 SIMPLE THINGS.

6 Misconceptions About Marriage Book has detailed some very crucial habits that has the power to strengthen or break a union. Every couple needs to understand them, so as to avoid pitfalls in their relationship, as a result of lack of awareness.

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Mystery, Thriller

This is a psychological murder mystery that'll challenge a tight knot family to the core. An ultimate test of faith and commitment like no other. But as their lives begins to unravel, the question remains;
. What did Kelvin do, that has erupted his mother's peaceful life?
. Will a loving mother sellout her only son to save herself?
. How far will they go to protect themselves from the long arm of the law?
Find out, in this captivating murder mystery

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