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Once you choose HOPE anything is possible….

Despite living within cooee of the Great Barrier Reef, idyllic tropical islands, and a well-stocked ocean pantry, author Alicia Hope is a self-confessed landlubber and disliker of seafood (I know - what the heck, right?!). She’s also a keen horse rider, bass player, and bird watcher, and shares her gumtree-dotted acreage home with an author husband, Frank H Jordan, a feathered larrikin, cockatiel Kewbie Kewberton, and a whole bunch of wild birds, roos, goannas, and pretty-face wallabies. Her feel-good stories showcase Alicia’s love of the land and the natural world, and this is especially true of her LONG ROAD series.

Anyone who has travelled Australia by road knows to prepare for looong trips, with a high probability of obstacles and roadblocks being encountered along the way. So it’s no surprise the heroines in Alicia’s stories discover that the road to happiness can also be long, potholed, and downright challenging. But these gutsy Aussie gals are up for whatever challenges come their way!

For the latest on her books and writing life, visit Alicia online at, and collect an exclusive gift when you sign up for her oh-so newsy newsletter. 🙂

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Romance, Rural Romance, Women's Fiction
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One prestigious job opportunity, two serious contenders. Verity’s trapped under a glass ceiling. Royce’s career is all he cares about. But there's more on the line here for the two adversaries. Will it take an unlikely and potentially dangerous alliance for them both to succeed? And could such an alliance become more than a business arrangement?

New release, out 25 December 2023.

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Rural Romance

Sometimes what a girl needs can be right in front of her….
Fires, storms, vandalism, and governmental whims are just a few issues Libby Barnes has to contend with after taking over the family farm in the picturesque lower south of Western Australia.
Loneliness is another.
And then a handsome stranger arrives on the scene, and Libby is no longer alone. But will this new man be there for her when disasters strike?

'... an absorbing tale of a tenacious young woman trying to navigate rural
farm life while searching for the love of her life.' - Readers' Favourite

'Real Love = real romance. I just could not put this story down. It is a real page-turner.' - Amazon reviewer Audra SJ

' Loved the entire story and characters.' - Amazon reviewer Alvin France

Book Title
Rural Romance

Trouble and heartache around every bend in the road.
When pro trick rider Abbey returns home to the cattle farm she now owns, she is confronted with a suspicious death, shifty new neighbour, and a mysterious squatter she can’t seem to shake. With her career and love life already in tatters, Abbey must decide whether to cut and run, or stay and ride it out. Along the way she discovers that sometimes life offers second chances, and it can be the hitchhikers collected along the road that make a journey worthwhile....

'... plenty of horses and heart, realistic twists, and some neat surprises.' - Readers' Favourite reviewer KC Finn

'... a lovely read, with very likable characters. The Australian voice is genuine and the landscape authentic. The story is well paced and never languishes. I loved it.' - Amazon reviewer J Richards

Book Title
Rural Romance

Engineer Grayson arrives in the outback town for a six week stint of relief work, never expecting to be summoning the Flying Doctors or surviving a cyclone, let alone becoming romantically entangled with a married colleague. And HR officer Maggie never expects that this newbie’s arrival will have her confronting her feelings, and facing up to the obstacles standing in the way of true happiness.

"Highly recommended." - One Stop Fiction reviewer Kathleen Lance
I am not a fan of romance novels with insipid characters who can never manage to talk to one another. This romance is different. The setting is wonderful, the character of Maggie satisfyingly complex, and the conclusion ... very nicely done. [I highly recommend] The Long Road to Loving Grayson for fans of romance, and of light fiction in general.

Book Title #76
Women's Fiction

Five women friends. Two marriages on the brink, one life adrift, an ‘imaginary’ new beau, a ‘trophy’ girlfriend, and a smattering of guilty secrets…. Will the friends find the solutions to their problems, or just create more?
In the style of The Jane Austen Book Club comes a hearty serving of true friendships.
‘Readers will laugh, cry, and hope that they too can become members of The Café Birds.’

'This book was a joy to read! I laughed, cried, and swore all the way.' - Amazon reviewer Evonne Hutton

'A well written book, The Cafe Birds kept me entertained from the opening chapter. I laughed out loud at times and felt my heart being pummelled at others, but all in all this is an excellent read set in Australia.' - Amazon reviewer Margaret Watkins

‘This novel presents a slice of life. The characters in the book are truly human. Readers will laugh, cry, and hope that they too can become members of The Café Birds.’ – reviewer Kathleen M Lance

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