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AM Johnson is from the enchanted isle of Tasmania, the 'Island State' of Australia and she has published four books. With strokes of her fountain pen, words flow, recording her imagination and real life. Quiet moments lost at the top of magic trees as a child gave her a thirst for more and more books and this gave fuel for the future. Life for her in the Derwent Valley in Tasmania is idyllic, with her husband, little dog Maxx and an elderly, cranky cockatoo. Picking up a pen and creating her own worlds and characters, has always been her dream and with her published books this is now a reality. She is also a well known local barista.

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Erotic Fiction, Fantasy, Romantic Suspense, Young Adult
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Author's Books
Book Title
Paranormal Fiction, Young Adult

A sleepy little town run by Witches and Warlocks….

A charming little café owned by a spunky little witch…

A resident ghost, familiars that will astound you…

Spells that go all kinds of wrong…

Disappearing kitchens…

Food that flutters…

Come and spend some time with Kitty as she runs her café and helps out the residents of Willow Grove!

Book Title
Romantic Suspense, Women's Fiction

Ever wonder what MAY have happened if you hadn’t taken THAT step…
Lyla doesn’t, she KNOWS what happened because she took THAT step…
She put one foot in front of the other and she did it…
She did what she had to do…
Would you?
Join Lyla on her journey,
A journey of living!

Book Title
Erotic Fiction, Fantasy

What happens when a young Prince, who is looking for sex, fights and fun, cannot find those things on his front door?
Why he leaves and goes on a grand adventure.
What will happen on his travels through the Land of Veloc?
Will he find more than just sex?
Will they find more than they can handle?
Or will they find exactly what they need?
Come on a slightly erotic adventure with Azore and his best friends.

Adults only as it contains mature content

Author's Books
Book Title
Erotic Fiction, Fantasy

I am Jiana, Elf, Blacksmith, Woman, CURSED!
For you to understand me I need to tell you my story from the beginning.
From before I was taken and damaged!
Let me tell you a tale of fear, loss, despair, courage, strength…
Survival? Revenge?

This publication is 400+ pages.

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