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Bernadette Rowley is a lover of epic fantasy who is a veterinarian by day and an author by night. She is currently published in the genre of fantasy/paranormal romance with seven books, all set in her fantasy world of Thorius.
When she was a young teenager, an aunt gave her a copy of The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks and Bernadette has lived in various fantasy worlds ever since. So it’s no surprise that her chosen genre when writing romance is fantasy.
“I can see these settings so vibrantly in my mind and hope my readers can too.”
But Bernadette has no desire to spoon-feed her readers by laboriously describing her fantasy settings. She would rather the reader use their own imagination a little.
Along with sword and sorcery, dashing heroes and stunning heroines, this author includes strong healing themes in many of her books- an element which is central to her everyday job.
“When I started writing this series, I never imagined my day job would force its way into my stories as it has.”
And, of course, there are animals, especially Bernadette’s beloved horses.
Bernadette lives in Brisbane, Australia, with the four heroes in her life- her husband Michael and three grown sons.

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Fantasy, Paranormal Fiction, Romance
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Author's Books
Book Title

Passionate Princess Alecia sets out to avenge the cold-blooded slaying of her first love. Army Captain Vard Anton is dealing with his own dark secrets. When he is appointed Alecia’s protector, both find it hard to ignore the chemistry between them.
Can Alecia resist the enigmatic Vard while trying to exact revenge? Will their fatal attraction ultimately lead to tragedy or can love and desire unite Alecia and Vard forever?
Though separated by class and palace intrigue, Alecia and Vard are entangled by desire in this fantasy romance.

Fantastic wonderful read, the princess is compelling and her male counterparts stand beside her the whole way through, beautiful and compelling, this is the strong equality of characters that we have needed in fantasy. I loved the fantasy parts of it (I will not spoil) and they enhance the characters and add to the story-line, rather than them being an afterthought like in many other fantasy novels. The Romance is beautiful and enough to capture your breath, groan in frustration and rejoice when you read it. A stunning book i will read again and again. by KStar

It's so nice, in this time of political turmoil and busy, busy, busy, to just retreat into a story that asks absolutely nothing of you. Bernadette Rowley's stories are a gift because they just take you away to a far off land where you get to watch what is basically a movie in book form. For fans of romantic fantasy, or those just needing a break from this presently insane reality, it's worth your time. The characters are good, the action is good, the plot is well-balanced and the finishing is good. An enjoyable read.

Most people expect some romance in most novels as this gives the MC a fantastic growth arc, and in fantasy, you want that feeling of escaping this world and dive into without any hesitation. Princess Avenger has this in spades, the balance of loss and love was an incredible feeling.
I look forward reading more of Ms Rowley's marvellous writing! Highly recommend it! by Samuel Colbran

Book Title
Fantasy, Paranormal Fiction, Romance

Lady Benae Branasar will sacrifice her ‘happily ever after’ for an arranged marriage with a powerful prince that will save her estates and her people. Or so she imagines. But can she turn her back on her feelings for the prince’s squire, Ramón Zorba? Ramón is a man Benae could easily love but he is obsessed with the prince’s daughter and at first tries hard to ignore the beautiful and fiery Benae. As danger and intrigue ensnare them, Benae and Ramón must choose between keeping their personal vows and being true to each other.

This is a fantastic read. A great love story, Benae goes through alot to help her family gets engaged to the Prince who she doesn't love its only to help her family, she then finds her true love but has to go through alot to be with him. It's a fantastic read there's adventure and twists. I highly recommend. by Shauna Joesten

I'm a sucker for a damn good fantasy world and a ripping emotional roller coaster with my romance, which is why I loved this book.
The cover was the first thing that attracted me. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to get but what I did get was the best kind of fairy tale.

Benae and Ramon were great characters. The conflict that held them apart was believable thanks to the emotional depth that Bernadette Rowley has given them and I genuinely had a happy smile at the end, which is always wonderful. by Georgina Penney

I was swept away with this story. I loved the Hero. Strong heroine. If you like fantasy, check this one out. by M.G.

Book Title

Princess Alecia and shapeshifter Vard flee Brightcastle, pursued by mercenaries, with Vard battling transformation into his least controllable form- the bear. They travel to a lost city, hoping a sorcerer there may help Vard master his gift. The lovers soon discover he has his own devious agenda. Will Vard and Alecia escape? Can their love survive Alecia’s fear of Vard’s animal forms? What secret does the princess hold with the power to destroy Vard’s trust?
The answers to all this and more are contained in the pages of Princess in Exile, the dark sequel to Princess Avenger.

The tension grows in this fast-paced sequel to Princess Avenger. Princess Alecia and her protector Vard (with whom she is in love) travel towards a realm ruled by a sorcerer. There they hope to find a way for Vard to control his shapeshifting. You see, he can't control which of several forms to take.
But Alecia holds a secret, something terrible that can break the trust between her and Vard.
Princess in Exile is fast, tight, and full of action and drama. It kept me turning pages until the end... I enjoyed it. by Chris Johnson

Fantastic! This read grips you from the first page. As Alicia the Princess loves Vard. But Vard is afraid of loosing her. There's secrets that they haven't shared. This is a fast paced read. You won't want to put it down. The Author has a way of bringing all the characters out great. So while you're reading you can't wait to see what happens next. This is A Must Read. I loved it. If you like magic and Shifters, and battles you will love this.
by Shauna Joesten

Author's Books
Book Title

Fans of C.L. Wilson will love this fantasy romance about lovers from different worlds who break the laws of land and sea to be together.

Mermaid Merielle has fled the sea, disgusted at the actions of her people and desperate to build a life on land. But to live as a woman, she must find a human to fall in love with her.
Lord Nikolas lost his brother at sea and promised to avenge his death – a death he believes was at the dangerously seductive hands of a mermaid. But when Nik finds Merielle on the beach, he reluctantly saves her. Despite his antipathy for her kind, Nik is drawn to Meri, who is slowly working her way into his damaged heart.

Can Nik surrender to Meri before her hopes of a human life are lost? Or will a devastating secret bring all her efforts to naught?

This book was really good and I enjoyed the interactions between Nikolas and Merielle, although I felt sorry for Merielle in the way Nikolas treated her, I could understand his feelings toward her.

The characters were well developed, the plot was good and there was a lot of sexual and emotional angst between the characters that kept the book interesting and moving at a steady pace.

I highly recommend reading this book, it goes quickly and is perfect for a nice day of reading. Read it and find out what Merielle is hiding from Nikolas!
by Loraine Oliver

I'm a fan of Rowley's writing. I've loved fantasy fiction for years--and romance--and she has a definite, unique way of tackling the two genres, bringing them together. The Lord and the Mermaid is a well-crafted adult take on a fairy tale and reminded me of the Teresa Medeiros books I love so much. She's taking on a story we all know and giving it an adult twist. Merielle and Nik are great characters, the conflict feels real, their world, Thorius is incredibly vivid and well thought through. It's somewhere I wouldn't mind visiting again.

It had a pretty solid plot to it. Quite different from most of the mermaid stories. An enjoyable read. by Annika

Book Title

The human kingdom of Thorius is once again under threat from the dark elven menace. General Kain Jazara has sworn to protect Thorius from all danger, magical or otherwise – but first he must rescue the highborn family of alluring healer Lady Alique Zorba.

Thrown together in their quest to save Alique's family, and eventually themselves, from the merciless elven clan, the pragmatic General and the impulsive Lady Alique discover an undeniable passion. But when Kain's world is torn apart by a personal revelation, he turns his back on both Alique and his homeland.

Can Kain find a path back to love and victory in time? Or will he allow revelations from his family's mysterious past to destroy his relationship, his happiness, and his kingdom?

Perfect for fans of Nalini Singh and C.L. Wilson.

What an enthralling plot! It ended perfectly - makes one almost yearn that's the end of their story, even with so many remaining issues that need to be settled. I shan't go into detail because this is one of those books you NEED to read yourself. Kain is an awesome character- even when he's reeling from being identified as part elf he still focuses on protecting Alique. This book was one of the best books I've gotten to review yet I don't know what to say without ruining it... read and enjoy it!

Book Title

Lady Esta, burdened by an impoverished estate, has turned to smuggling. She leads a double life, a mask and wig the only shields for her reputation. Swashbuckling pirate Samael wants her cargo and her heart. But before he can be worthy, he must banish the ghosts of his past. Will their sizzling connection be enough to convince Samael to turn his back on the sea, or for Esta to take a chance on happiness she doesn’t think she deserves?
The Lady and the Pirate continues The Wildecoast Saga, with popular The Lord and the Mermaid characters Nikolas Cosara and his wife Merielle featured in this latest instalment from Bernadette Rowley.

Just the right amount of danger and suspense, a beautiful story that had enough interesting plot points to make it not just another romance story... and honestly, who doesn't love a pirate... by KStar

I love a good romance, but I had never read a love story with a pirate for a hero before, but oh my... Samael's rugged saltiness and swashbuckling ways had me breathless and biting my bottom lip! I'm ready to hit the high seas, myself!
The Lady and the Pirate was packed with adventure, dangerous battles and a tumultuous tale of fear of loss, and fear of love. It had a great background story, and as well as the hero being the epitome of raw masculinity, the heroine was strong and feisty! by D.D.Scarlett

A light fantasy romance that doesn't ask anything of the reader. The story just takes you away on an adventure with Esta, a high born woman reduced to smuggling to save her estate, and Sammael, a pirate with a mysterious background. Naturally they clash, until the sinking of Esta's ship breaks away those stubborn barriers to connection and their burn hard and fast. War, forbidden romance, broken hearts, mysterious family heritage ... classic romantic fantasy. by Rafa Monaghan

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