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Carmel McMurdo Audsley is an Australian Journalist and Author who lives in Brisbane. Drawing on her Scottish heritage, her books are set in Scotland and Australia. 'Murder In The Bush' is based on the true story of a young Scotsman who travelled to Australia in 1885. He worked hard in the canefields of Maryborough and had dreams of owning his own plantation. He started droving horses overland and made a lot of money but he didn't get a chance to spend it as he met a madman in the bush near Mackay. Her 'The Undertaker' series sees young Kate take over her father's undertaking business in Edinburgh in 1858. Her latest release is 'Seven Deadly Sinners' set in an outback pub in Queensland in 1957. Carmel also publishes 'Scots News Magazine' for ex-pat Scots in Australia.

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This trilogy is set in the farm towns and miners' rows of Ayrshire Scotland from the 1700s to 2012. The books are based on real people, places and events and give an intimate view of what life was like for people of the time. From church elders trying to weed out witches in the congregation, having to move from ancestral lands, watching children die from tuberculosis to moving to Australia in 1950, this family saga is a reminder of what life was like in the not so distant past.

'Ours, Yours and Mines'
When I got to the part where the little girl died on her sixth birthday, I cried. I realised that this really happened to someone - it wasn't just made up. The whole book is a real journey and I thought it was a terrific story. by Dale, Brisbane

'Faeries, Farms and Folk'
Wow this book has a bit of everything - witches and witch burnings, superstitions, forbidden love and a very real portrayal of how people lived in Scotland in the 1700s and 1800s. I can't imagine anyone today putting up with the intrusion of the church into their lives. by Gracie Sampson,USA

'Far Across The Sea'
What a pleasure to be able to buy a novel that makes you feel! There are no dragons, or dungeons or heaving bosoms - just heartwarming stories about a working class family in Scotland in the 1800s and how they coped with life and loss. by Claire Ferguson, Edinburgh

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Historical Fiction

Young Kate Grainger inherits her father's undertaking business in Edinburgh in 1858. She not only carries on the business, which is highly unusual for a young woman at that time, but also discovers that the first person given into her care has been murdered. With the help of a male doctor friend, and a little spirit girl, Kate goes into the dangerous vaults underground and tracks down a serial killer.

The Undertaker by Carmel Audsley was a fast read, hard to put down. The words were woven tightly together with none wasted. The characters were all believable. By Chris, on Amazon

This story was sooooo good! I loved the characters, and I was especially impressed with the author's ability to distinguish dialect. It was always clear where a character was from, based on how they talked. I felt like I was actually there! By Molly Neely, Amazon

Opium dens, the seedy underground and old Edinburgh... the author certainly did her homework. Main character Kate's ability to spiritually connect with "those on the other side" to help solve this mystery was also an interesting element. By R, on Amazon

Book Title

This is the second book in 'The Undertaker' series but it is written as a stand-alone novel. Eager to become a doctor at a time when women were forbidden from studying medicine, Kate seeks out a woman who has posed as a male doctor for decades. She thinks she knows the doctor's secret, but she uncovers a trail of murder and deceit.

This could so be a series, like the Sherlock series on TV, but with a great historically based female. Not a detective. Not a midwife, or a housewife. But someone with a great job which sends mayhem and mystery her way. By Kiwimrsmac on Amazon

Enjoyed having a female strong protagonist in a different type of career, an undertaker! A perfect time period and setting for a historical mystery in 1800s Edinburgh. By AL on Amazon

There was trickery, surprises, and suspense. Kate, the undertaker, was a determined and--shall I say--stubborn heroine that I could root for. By E C Sheedy on Amazon

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Bob and Anna McAllister have retired and live in Brisbane. Their three adult children lead busy lives and they don't see them very often. When Anna is diagnosed with terminal breast cancer and Bob has a serious heart attack, they feel they cannot burden their family with their care and take drastic measures. They had always enjoyed taking cruises, so they embark on a cruise to the South Pacific with the intention of not returning. This is a sad love story that shines a light on the loneliness of older people in our society.

This is a sad and emotional story, and I had to keep the tissue box at hand.
It is a beautiful read, and the description of Bob and Anna's relationship is lovely. What love they share! By MB on Amazon

This story interested me for a number of reasons: it's Australian author, my love for cruising, and the fact that elder issues are a priority in my life right now. It hit just as hard as I thought it would. By Marianne Sciucco on Amazon

Sad, but also a very powerful message about a couple's joyous love for one another, their love for their family, and the courageous decision they planned together and carried out on their last journey, their final celebration! By Jeanne on amazon

Book Title

Twenty-one year old William McDonald leaves the Highlands of Scotland in 1885 to find a new life in Australia. When he is given the opportunity to drove horses overland from the Darling Downs north to the sugar plantations in Mackay and the gold fields in Charters Towers, he sets out alone through uncharted territory with up to 30 horses at a time. He makes a lot of money but doesn't get the chance to spend it. He meets a madman in bush and dies at his hands. Based on a true story.

The story and characters are well paced and developed. I highly recommend this book for a mature audience. By Kim Aul on Amazon

I couldn’t put this book down! Even knowing the fate of William McDonald from the very beginning of the book I was still captivated by the story line. The character was well developed and very likable. By M Reese on Amazon

As a fellow Australian, I felt ashamed reading about how our Indigenous people were treated in those days. It is good to have books like this to tell the unpleasant truth. By Margaret L

Book Title

Set in an isolated outback pub in Queensland in 1957, a group of strangers is forced together because of rising flood waters. Each has his or her own story, but who is telling the truth - and who is killing them off one by one?

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