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South Australia
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Fantasy, Literary Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Romance, Science Fiction, Spiritual, Young Adult
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The agony of unrequited love, dates, dresses and exams all make life confusing during the teen years... Are there answers to be found in the social conventions of the previous generation, the developments of modern psychology taught in class, the theology touted at worship or in the depths of soul searching and personal experience?
This story belongs to the genre known as "Bildungsroman" or novel of development. It covers one very significant year in the life of a young female by the name of Stephanie Lowood, and is presented a diary, which was discovered in a chest by the heroine's daughter and young grandchildren. The grandchildren are curious to hear how Grandma met Grandpa and what life was like at a Christian college in the 1980s!

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Historical Fiction, Spiritual

A sincere Christian girl seeking love in the 1980s.

After breaking up with her long term boyfriend, Kathy just wants to have fun! She declares to her friends that she would never go out with a ministerial candidate - so what is she to do about Andrew who appears to be waiting patiently for her to notice him?

Faith and Love continues to tell the story of the loves and losses of the students you met in the first Silver Springs University story: Silver Springtime. If you thought you knew where everyone was heading - expect some surprises and changes!

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Mystic Evermore is a mysterious rural town where anything could happen. When the Etheridge family move in, they begin to meet the local residents and discover their secrets. Who or what does Bridget share her very first kiss with? Why does Jaylen Woodgate run away from home at least once a month? Is Javier Tilton a normal young boy who likes dressing like a Goth or something more? These mysteries and many more will be solved.

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Exciting sequel to MYSTIC EVERMORE.
A love triangle comes to a head with unexpected results, and Zarah Strahan is left wondering whether she will ever see her sister again. On top of that, strange creatures are emerging from the sewers and other dark corners. Zarah and her friend Paul Booth think they destroy the source of all evil - but could this be leading towards a series of vampire wars? How would you feel if it happened to you?

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Contestants rebel on reality television show!
The Early Episodes: “The Charity Dating Show” is a reality television show about one man who has multiple women to choose between. However the season that Anthony is the “Charity Eligible” the contestants begin selecting their own prizes!
The Top Five: “The Charity Dating Show” commenced with around twenty women, fifteen of which were eliminated during the early episodes. Now five remain, Nadine, Kendra, Vonda, Janny and Deborah. Who will Anthony pick and what secrets are each and every one of the top five harbouring?

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