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New South Wales
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Action/Adventure, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller
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When Barry Ottoman's idyllic, solitary, lifestyle is shattered by the appearance of unwanted interlopers with a mysterious agenda and intent on harm, he must call upon his vast knowledge of Australia's northern rain-forest's flora and fauna, to effect an escape from a deadly pursuit.

Writer Josef Peeters seamlessly captures the beauty of Australia and shares the many dangers that slither,creep, and swim in the rain-forest and surrounding oceans.
The questions surrounding Bazza's unwanted guests and whether or not Bazza will ever be
able to reclaim his peace make this a novel that is tough to put down. Daintree Denizens is sure
to thrill readers looking to embark on an epic adventure that takes them from the muggy
Australian rain-forest to the edge of the Great Barrier Reef. - "The Book Review Directory"

An easy novel to read with a relaxed writing style with quite a lot of action. I would recommend this novel however you need to be prepared for the Aussie slang which is very realistic but is very broad, but not unusual for outback Far North Queensland.

Attention Holding!
Yes, there is no doubt that this book will hold your attention from start to finish. It contains something for everybody - excitement, intrigue, adventure, bravery, the Aussie Outback, and even some romance.

I was able to put it down long enough to eat and sleep, but once I started reading it I really did not want to lay it down for more than a few moments at a time.

If you pick up this book, I do not think you will be disappointed.

Book Title
Mystery, Thriller

Nothing takes the fun out of a vacation faster than a plane crash. Except for a confession of infidelity just before the oxygen masks drop. Read DUMPED to see who survives.

What an amazing ride from start to finish, many twists and turns and a good insight into human behaviour under stress. Look forward to the next book

This book was well written with an overall storyline that was very interesting and led to quite of few twists. It is difficult to review this novel without giving away the entire plot. I enjoyed reading about the descriptions of the main setting and the survival techniques which were implemented. I did struggle however, with the characters in this story. I found them to be rather unlikeable, though they did continue to hold my curiosity and attention.

Book Title

Finding the courage to go against the grain of popular convention, one man discovers his true passion for a lifelong kinship. Join Josef as he deigns to venture into the art of woodcarving.

Something extraordinary happens when a writer turns passion into a book. Wood Whisperer, by Josef Peeters, becomes a wood carving journey that can excite someone who has never whittled a stick. The writing is crisp, descriptive, and, above all, passionate. As he becomes a true believer in his abilities, he also earns a five-star review for his Volume 1 booklet. –Temple Emmet Williams, a former editor at The Reader's Digest.
5.0 out of 5 stars

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Continuing my self-taught journey into woodcarving. Exploring the methodology and thought processes involved in producing commissions and exhibit pieces.

“Wood Whisper,” the second volume of Josef Peeters “My Woodcarving Journey” is, uh, a chip off the block of an accomplished author. The writing is crisp, clear, filled with the passion of someone who likes what they do even more than what they write. Sit at the foot of a Wood Whisperer who will grab your imagination even if you only use lumber to build fires. The book is five-star writing at its best. — Temple Emmet Williams, a former editor at The Readers Digest.

Book Title

Dare to dream. Dare to be yourself. Allow imagination to soar above opposition along your path to creativity. Be inspired by Josef on his wood carving journey to find the spirit within the wood and himself.

Book Title
Paranormal Fiction, Romance, Romantic Suspense

Ephemeral images from a troubling dream inspire Samuel Border to meet a girl who proceeds to capture his heart. The transience of their encounter in no way reflects the indelible imprint haunting his mind, but events intervene to postpone their union. A compulsion to locate the woman of his dreams results in a tragic accident to his younger brother, causing Samuel to abandon the search. Only happenstance many years later alters that decision.
Were life simply about the present and not unduly influenced by an evil family legacy, Samuel would not be drawn inexorably toward his destiny. It will require all his instincts and courage to bring the woman he loves beyond measure home safely.

Book Title #76
Science Fiction

Something is dreadfully wrong in the small, outback town of Moulamein, Australia. Something so profoundly unsettling that Chris Hall, a fugitive, hiding out in the most unlikely of places, faces the daunting responsibility of informing the town residents of the truth. Even convincing his childhood sweetheart, Carly Parish is a mission fraught with peril and often, death. The improbable truth, revealed only by evading the midnight signal, will not set them free. It will take the cooperation of many highly differing cultures to produce a plan with which to survive the impending disaster threatening their town and so much more.

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