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I write mystery novels with a big dollop of humour.

I'm from Tasmania but now live in Canberra.

Don't mistake me for a writer of hard-boiled mysteries. The stuff I write is very much soft-boiled with an Australian flavour. Move on, too, if you've come looking for cozy mysteries. I would never pass the soft-and-fluffy G-rated test for that genre.

I'm building on two series of novels -- the Windy Mountain Tasmanian Tiger series and the Mad Bill series.

If you sign up to my mailing list, I'll give you free an ebook copy of a novel as well as an ebook of funny flash fiction. I was going to give you a puppy too, but decided against it. I did warn you I'd never pass a soft-and-fluffy test!

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Australian Capital Territory
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Comedy, Mystery, Satire
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Comedy, Mystery, Satire

The greedy mayor has gone too far this time. The Tasmanian Tiger hunter he despises is given no choice but to get revenge.
This is the prequel to the Windy Mountain Tasmanian Tiger series, set more than 25 years before it all began.
If you want laughs, a quirky storyline and eccentric characters, this is the novel for you.

DIDN'T WANT to put it down ... the characters were colorful and fun! This is a quick read and enjoyable!

IF YOU like your humour with a touch of mystery and quirky townsfolk, then you may also enjoy this story.

WHAT MORE can you ask in a cast of characters? The story itself, a quick read, is light-hearted and humorous, and a good start to a series.

Book Title
Comedy, Mystery, Satire


Is that dog on the book cover doing what you think it's doing? ​Is so, how could this secret doggy business possibly prove the Tasmanian Tiger still exists?

You'll find the answer in this funny mystery, which aims to keep you laughing throughout.

The novel starts the Windy Mountain Tasmanian Tiger series but it stands up just fine as a standalone.

With a quirky character lurking around every corner, everyone has something to hide -- including the two old men who come up with the dog solution, the new Irish manager of the Tasmanian Tiger museum who has something to hide about his past, the owners of the museum who aren't what they pretend to be, and Moose Routley who returns to town as a feared ex-con and finds he now has the chance to become a hero.

THIS NOVEL has laugh-out-loud-until-you-can't-help-but-feel-good humor. John Martin's forte is his funny, quirky characters and there is one around every corner of Windy Mountain.

THE WRITING has a nice turn of phrase: "The waitress had blonde hair colouring that probably came from a bottle. She had a husky voice, which sounded like the result of smoking too many cigarettes and eating too much gravel." and "Since Gordo was the one with two good arms but a suspect brain, he drove where he was told" which really adds to the humour.

READ IT, laugh and then, like me, wait for the next instalment! I do hope that Mr Martin can write quickly.

Book Title
Comedy, Mystery, Satire

Two much-loved old men become unlikely sleuths in this mystery with a big sense of humor.
The Mayor has disappeared, and someone is stealing important landmarks in Windy Mountain.
Thanks to a DNA test, the octogenarians are also about to become unlikely tourists.
But will they solve the crime in time to catch their plane?

​​​​​​​​​​​This book is part of the Windy Mountain Tasmanian Tiger series. But it stands up well on its own, and you don't need to have read the first two novels to get a load of laughs from this one. This time though the Tasmanian Tiger isn't the only one missing.

BLOKES ON A PLANE reads like a comedy sketch. It's quirky, heartwarming and funny ...

IT IS A understatement to say that nothing is as it seems. Another raucous story from John Martin.

Author's Books
Book Title
Comedy, Mystery, Satire


Oodles and Wish-Wash have gone to Ireland, leaving the museum in the hands of Katy, Moose and Joffa. When a garden ornament is gnome-napped, things start spinning out of control.
This will be the fourth in the Windy Mountain Tasmanian Tiger series. But I need your patience because it won't be ready until April 2019.

Book Title
Comedy, Mystery, Satire

Lawyer William Clarin might pull rabbits out of his hat in his spare time, but he's not the barrister who's known to the underworld as The Magician because he can make charges go away.
But gangsters visiting Hobart in 1974 with the smell of the new casino in their large Italian noses don't know that in this funny novella.
When William fails to get Mr Biggi off a charge of driving on the wrong side of the road, he has to leg it to escape the mob's wrath.
He gets a job as a magician on an ocean liner in order to escape Tasmania, and finds he's not alone.
This is the first book in the Mad Bill series.

IF YOU enjoy madcap, slapstick comedy, full of coincidence and bad luck, then you may enjoy this. If you’ve read Mr Martin’s other funny novels and novellas and like his style, then this is a treat for you.

GANGSTERS, RABBITS, and a crazy crew make this a humorous tale and a good lead-in for the Bill's further adventures in Escape from Mad Bill's Island.

Book Title
Comedy, Mystery, Satire

Major Billcock-Smythe has accidentally rescued the wrong people from an overseas jail and brought 12 illegal aliens back into Australia in this funny novel.
We all know someone like Major B.S. He’s a know-all, a social climber, he’s supremely confident but he’s totally inept.
His inclination this time is to puthis faux pas down to experience and get cracking with his next money-making scheme. But the government doesn’t let you forget, do they!
He doesn’t know it yet but it’s all propelling him towards Mad Bill’s Island.
This is the second in the Mad Bill series. It's a funny mystery novel full of quirky characters, and with a jagged satirical edge.
Major BS really wants to become a hero not a villain. See him get his comeuppance while the man he bullies and belittles becomes the real hero.

A MAIN character you want to vote off the island, or punch in the nose, or both! Clever characters and crazy plot.

EXPECT BOTH DARK and light humor, in addition to fun, quippy dialogue from this novel. I found myself laughing through Major Billycock-Smythe’s series of misadventures where, due to his hardheadedness, grumpiness, and simplemindedness, I didn’t feel too sorry for my joy at his expense. I’d recommend picking up this book for some quick laughs and some easy reading. John Martin has a delightful sense of humor, and his writing style makes this a quick read.

MAJOR B.S. (a very fitting name) is ridiculously annoying, and I admire the writer for managing to keep that level of ridiculousness throughout the whole novel. Major BS is so bad he makes everyone look good. He is very much the cartoon villain, but in this story it works. Paradoxically, it is Major BS who adds a humane touch to this story. He is like the glue that holds everything together.

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