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Neil A White was born in Melbourne and educated in his native Australia and the United States. Following an extensive career in banking, he and his wife now divide their time between Dallas, TX, Australia and Poland. His first novel, Closure, an historical fiction/murder mystery based in 1980s Melbourne and WWII Poland was published in 2016. His follow-up, Turn A Blind Eye, is a contemporary thriller delving into the seamy world of financial corruption, bank fraud and money laundering. You may visit his website at:

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Action/Adventure, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Thriller
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A moving coming-of-age tale that follows three young boys through adolescence into adulthood, each trying to make sense of a world turned upside down.
Poland (1939)
The German army sweeps across Poland intent on the destruction of an entire people. In a small Polish town, ten-year-old Piotr Kowalczyks idyllic world will be forever destroyed.
Croatia (1944)
Young Dino Mitak flees to the freedom of the West as the communist-led Partisans move ever closer to Zagreb.
Australia (1980)
A small boy, already struggling to cope with the loss of a parent, is confronted by a gruesome murder.
From the tranquil foothills of the Carpathian Mountains in southern Poland, to the Balkans and a simmering feud centuries in the making, to the streets of inner-city Melbourne where histories collide.
These events, generations and worlds apart, are interwoven in a poignant story of grief, hatred, revenge and finally, closure.

‘(White) weaves a tale of unspeakable horrors, terrible sadness and grief that never really can fully heal.
… a powerful story told with great compassion.’

- Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Award-winning author

‘Skillful characterizations weave together with a plot of heartbreaking emotional depth. The exponential, generational effect of loss and revenge are exquisitely captured in this gripping novel.’

- Jane Alvey Harris, Award-winning author

‘White’s writing is stunning. I look forward to reading more books by him in the future.’

- Urban Book Review

Book Title
Historical Fiction, Mystery

When Craig Walters discovers his widowed-Mother is dying, he puts his dreams on hold and accepts a position at a small private bank in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia. For Craig, the steady income offers a chance to regroup. However, his indoctrination into the banking world quickly deteriorates when believing he’s stumbled upon an elaborate fraud scheme. His covert digging into the bank’s files for confirmation promptly sets off alarm bells that reverberate around the globe and unwittingly lays bare a more in-depth, sinister plot.

Linking Melbourne with modern-day Irish politics, and the unlimited power and reach of the Vatican; an intricate web of corruption and unbridled greed is spun that entwines all that come in contact.

And whether to Turn a Blind Eye becomes a matter of life and death.

Neil A White, weaves a sticky web of corruption and murder in the murky world of finance. The superb pacing keeps you on the edge of your seat.
- Mark Smith, Wilder Country - Australian YA Indie Book of the Year

Fast-paced and compelling … a real page-turner.
- Dawn Knox, Award-winning author of The Great War

Turn A Blind Eye delivers a multi-threaded plot constantly returning back to the central theme of money and corruption … a novel well worth reading.

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