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Tabitha Bird grew up in a garden in a bayside suburb of Queensland, Australia, where she hid and told stories to ferns and weeds alike. Story gave her something to hope in and a way to escape the traumas of my childhood. Eventually, she did unexpected things like get older and teach primary school. There she read stories to children like their lives depended on it. To this day she is quite sure that lives do depend on stories and stories on lives.

The first whisperings of her first novel were from that forgotten child she once was. Tabitha found writing in a very dark place. Stories were her reconnection. The hint or a trail back to who she was.

Today Tabitha is happily writing her next book from a small rural township in Australia. Her hope is that through her words she might be blessed enough to champion others into wild acts of bravery and self-love. Tabitha's Chihuahua, husband, three sons and the fact that a book can be born out of the ashes of her past are all the reasons she needs to believe in magic.

It is also the August 2019 Australian Women's Weekly GREAT READ.

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On one impossible day in 1965, eight-year-old Willa receives a mysterious box containing a jar of water and the instruction: ‘One ocean: plant in the backyard.’ So she does - and somehow creates an extraordinary time slip that allows her to visit her future selves.
33-year-old Willa is a mother-of-two when her childhood self magically appears in her backyard. But she’s also a woman haunted by memories of her dark past – and is on the brink of a decision that will have tragic repercussions.
Silver-haired, gumboot- loving 93-year-old Willa is struggling with her memory but knows there is a warning she must give her past selves about a terrible past event. If only she could recall what it was.
Can the three Willas come together to save their future?

A Lifetime of Impossible Days is a novel that has been popping up in my social media feeds with five stars ever since its release last week. It’s a story about childhood trauma, its lingering effects, and the possibility of healing. However, it tells this story in a very different and somewhat strangely wonderful manner. A Lifetime of Impossible Days is magical realism at its most fantastical. Think Alice in Wonderland (which is referenced within this story), throw in some time travel, and your mind might be ready for this adventure- Theresa Smith Book blogger

“Wow. Just wow.” These were my first thoughts on reading the final page of Tabitha Bird’s incredible novel.

A Lifetime of Impossible Days is, at its core, a heartbreaking love letter to therapy after childhood trauma.

I adored the writing, I miss the characters already and I wholeheartedly endorse the argument that you can’t change your past. But if you focus on healing yourself in the present you just might manage to change your future- Rebecca Bowyer Book blogger

Book Title

A captivating novel of magical realism about a fantastical shop that brings comfort, peace and hope to those in need. You won't want to miss the opening of this shop!

5.0 out of 5 stars Delightful and enchanting!
Reviewed in the United States on March 30, 2021
Custodian of the Emporium of Imagination for the past ten years, Earlatidge Hubert Umbray was ready to find a new custodian, along with the new shopkeeper as the shop began to reveal itself in the small Queensland town of Boonah. The many residents of the town would be fascinated, sceptical, full of wonder once they were able to venture inside the shop. Would the Emporium help people through their grief; would it help people regain their sense of self?

Ann Harlow’s Nannie was dying, and Ann was devastated. She had also recently lost another loved one, had gone to his funeral in Boonah, but was unable to show herself to the family. Ann’s grief and secrets caused a great static in her brain. While Enoch Rayne, ten years old, mourned the loss of his beloved father Isaac and he couldn’t get around the guilty secret he kept. Along with his brothers, Jonas and Nipper, Enoch lived with their grandmother in the family home, but the constant noises in his head were overwhelming.

5.0 out of 5 stars Cathartic & magic...
Reviewed in the United States on June 7, 2021
This book is absolutely lovely! Woven through various journeys of loss, grief and hard/dark things is this incredibly crafted story of magic, healing and hope!

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Book Title

A captivating novel of magical realism about a fantastical shop that brings comfort, peace and hope to those in need. You won't want to miss the opening of this shop!
From the author of A Lifetime of Impossible Days (winner of the Courier-Mail People's Choice QLD Book of the Year Award) comes this beautiful and uplifting story, that will make you laugh and make you cry.
Welcome to The Emporium of Imagination, a most unusual shop that travels the world offering vintage gifts to repair broken dreams and extraordinary phones to contact lost loved ones.
But, on arrival in the tiny township of Boonah, the store’s long-time custodian, Earlatidge Hubert Umbray, makes a shocking realisation. He is dying . . .
The clock is now ticking to find his replacement, because the people of Boonah are clearly in need of some restorative magic.
Like Enoch Rayne – a heartbroken ten-year-old boy mourning the loss of his father, while nurturing a guilty secret. Like Ann Harlow, who has come to the town to be close to her dying grandmother. Though it’s Enoch’s father who dominates her thoughts - and regrets . . .
Even Earlatidge in his final days will experience the store as never before - and have the chance to face up to his own tragedy . . .
'Prepare to immerse yourself in wonder, childish delight and dark, dark trauma in this unique novel from a new and important Australian literary voice.' Australian Women's Weekly on A Lifetime of Impossible Days

If you think of Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, add a dash of Mary Poppins and a shake of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, you might have an inkling on what to expect with The Emporium of Imagination. Well, sort of. At least, that’s what I felt like whilst reading this remarkably unique and truly inventive story.

Tabitha Bird is a highly imaginative writer whose creativity is akin to sunbursts and showers of stardust – magical, fragile, beautiful, incredible. This is a novel about grief: death, missed opportunities, failed moments, lost relationships, guilt over the things we wish we could change. It’s beautiful and devastating all at once- Theresa Smith Book Blogger

The Emporium of Imagination is centred around the local townspeople. And as the plot unfolds we are introduced to many of them, and discover their tragedies and hopes. We are also discover there is more that links them than they perhaps realise. The Emporium has the potential to transform the town forever, the people just need to imagine.

Author Tabitha Bird is a wonderfully descriptive writer. I found myself connecting to the story and her creation easily. I could practically feel the character’s sense of wonderment, and visualise those starry night skies. And I loved reading about the Emporium and its goods. In fact, I found myself feeling jealous that this type of shop didn’t exist in real life.- The Au Review. com

Tabitha Bird’s latest novel, The Emporium of Imagination, is a gorgeous story of magic, grief, and opportunities lost. With a little imagination the residents of small-town Boonah will discover that grief can be born and new opportunities created through the everyday magic of bravery, family and community support. And, of course, the help of the strange new store in town, the Emporium of Imagination.

I adored this novel. It is such a wonderful read, simultaneously hopeful and devastating, just like Tabitha Bird’s first book, A Lifetime of Impossible Days- The story

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