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Interview with Australian Author – Arabella Cornell

“Australian Authors” – Tell us a little about yourself? Perhaps something not many people know?

Arabella – I like old black and white sci-fi movies with weird, screwy science in them. I hate corn chips but can’t resist eating them if they’re in front of me. I used to study art.

“Australian Authors” – What made you want to become a writer?

Arabella – I enjoy a great story as much as anyone, so I thought I’d give it a try. Turns out I find it really fun!

“Australian Authors” – What gives you inspiration for your book(s)?

Arabella – Sometimes it’s from real life romances of rock stars or actors. Mostly it’s pure fantasy, the type of thing most women have run through their mind at some point.

“Australian Authors” – Now, the big question, are you working on another book?

Arabella – Yes! I’m overdue for part three of Punch Sound, but I had an idea for a standalone novel I simply had to write. It’s taking longer than I’d hoped, so I’m not sure when it will be released.

“Australian Authors” – What genres do you prefer to write in?

Arabella – Romance is my thing, especially with a healthy dose of spice. Some drama doesn’t hurt, either.

“Australian Authors” – What do you think about the ebook revolution?

Arabella – I think it’s great! It’s so easy now to access so many books. The amount of choice is daunting but it’s fantastic being able to track down specific books, or new books in sub-genres you don’t see many printed books in.

“Australian Authors” – Do you start a book with a definite plot, or do you just write?

Arabella – I just write. I throw a couple together at the start and see what happens from there.

“Australian Authors” – Pen or type writer or computer?

Arabella – Computer for me. Writing time is limited and I don’t want to waste it transcribing.

“Australian Authors” – Do your characters seem to hijack the story, or are you always in control?

Arabella – The characters don’t hijack the story so much as I allow them to drive.

“Australian Authors” – Are your characters based on real people or completely imagined?

Arabella – I would like to say completely imagined, but all characters are based in some way on someone you’ve met. Only one character has been deliberately based on a real person, but I’m not telling you which one!

“Australian Authors” – Have you thought about joining with another author to write a book?

Arabella – I’m not the most reliable person, so no. Nobody would be bale to put up with my scattiness!

“Australian Authors” – Who are your favourite authors?

Arabella – Kylie Scott and Kristen Ashley

“Australian Authors” – What’s your advice to Authors? On writing? Publishing? Marketing?

Arabella – If you want to try writing something, just do it! Have fun with it. It doesn’t matter if anyone else ever sees it or not. And if other people do read it and love it, it’s awesome!

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