Interview with Australian Author – D A Brosnan

“Australian Authors” – Tell us a little about yourself? Perhaps something not many people know?

D A Brosnan – I was born in Brisbane, Australia and grew up playing in Cubberla Creek. After completing grade twelve and working in retail, I resided to the Gold Coast and commenced a long-lasting career as a professional model. I loved the catwalk and doing photographic assignments; appearing in television commercials and movies; winning titles, judging beauty quests and was often asked to be MC. It was in Surfers Paradise that I opened a custom-made surf wear shop; trained young girls to perform on stage, and produced and directed fashion productions throughout Queensland. I was also the assistant to the director of short films and documentaries and enjoyed directing photo shoots and doing make-overs. Then, looking for a quieter life style I moved to the Sunshine Coast, studied and changed careers. For many years I was a SPX makeup artist for the film, television, and photographic industries. Whilst doing this, I completed a business management course and accidentally became a fairy. My business, The Indian Fairy at the Eumundi Markets quickly grew from telling stories and painting faces, to making and selling fairy merchandise. (Children wrote to me as if I were Santa). Concurrently, I opened and directed a deportment, grooming, and life skills school for young children and teens. My fifty-six unique lessons prepared students for the outside world. It wasn’t long before various schools contacted me to teach these lessons. My unconditional love for the Aboriginals led me to contract work in a high school boarding school in the Northern Territory. Annually, for eight years I worked on missions reaching out to the Aboriginals in Alice Springs. In 2010, Tourism Queensland and Tourism Singapore selected me to be one of six people to represent ‘Best of Queensland’ as ‘The Indian Fairy’ in Singapore. Whist working on my manuscript in 2017, I was one of fourteen selected to win a Queensland Scholarship and to be Ambassador for TAFE Queensland. Today, I am a qualified Teacher’s Aide and enjoy working with primary school children.

“Australian Authors” – What made you want to become a writer?

D A Brosnan – Almost twenty years ago, one of my customers asked me to produce a five-minute fairy tale DVD so that she could buy it for her daughter. I thought, Why not? And so, off I went looking for advice from a local film producer. To my dismay, he said I had to write a book first. I took the director’s advice seriously and in the year 2000 I started writing, but found I could not stop. I then decided to do a novel writing course by correspondence with a Sydney writing school, and completed my certificate in 2005. The small picture book turned into a 70,000-word manuscript. Way too big for a five-minute DVD! Then, in 2018 I worked tirelessly with a professional editor in the UK, polishing the manuscript for publishing. Almost twenty years in the making, and many drafts later, I can proudly say I’ve finished the manuscript, and it’s down to 60,000 words.

“Australian Authors” – What gives you inspiration for your book(s)?

D A Brosnan – The ocean; being at sea, yachts, tall ships and pirates; nature; the love of my work as The Indian Fairy; my customers, and a small local film producer have all inspired me to write. I also like a challenge, and have worked hard to complete this project.

“Australian Authors” – Now, the big question, are you working on another book?

D A Brosnan – I’m jotting down ideas and look forward to starting my next book, an extension of Fairyland… It’s not what you think. High Above the Clouds.

“Australian Authors” – What genres do you prefer to write in?

D A Brosnan – I like to write children’s fiction- action/adventure fairy-tales that the whole family can enjoy and read to each other. On the back of- Fairyland… It’s not what you think! High Above the Clouds the blurb says- Fact mixed with fiction, primarily written for middle grade, the story can be enjoyed by all who delight in fairies, pirates, magic, mystery, adventure and the world of fantasy and make-believe.

“Australian Authors” – What do you think about the ebook revolution?

D A Brosnan – If ebooks can educate and keep children from playing computer games then I am all for electronic reading, but at the same time, I don’t think it’s healthy for anyone to be on a computer and using wifi for long periods of time. If you are reading Fairyland… It’s not what you think! High Above the Clouds then you won’t be able to put it down. That’s why I say thank goodness for paperbacks -not only are they a better option for your health, a paper back is pleasing to the eye and it can be enjoyed by the whole family who get to pass the treasured book on for generations to come.

“Australian Authors” – Do you start a book with a definite plot, or do you just write?

D A Brosnan – All I had was my real-life character- The Indian Fairy; the lessons I’d learnt in life; and the stories my customers (the children) had told me over the years. I had no beginning, no middle and no end. I just put pen to paper and wrote, and wrote and wrote.

“Australian Authors” – Pen or type writer or computer?

D A Brosnan – I would write using pen if I were camping. Otherwise, I used the computer.

“Australian Authors” – Do your characters seem to hijack the story, or are you always in control? D A Brosnan – My characters definitely hijacked the story and took me on an amazing, unforgettable adventure!

“Australian Authors” – Are your characters based on real people or completely imagined?

D A Brosnan – Some of my characters are real-life pirates who roved the high seas, and then there is my character of course. All other characters are imaginary.

“Australian Authors” – Have you thought about joining with another author to write a book?

D A Brosnan – Wouldn’t that be great! Having another author to share the writing. I must admit, I did imagine what this would be like over the years. A ghost writer would also be a great help.

“Australian Authors” – Who are your favourite authors?

D A Brosnan – As a child, I lived to read Enid Blyton books.

“Australian Authors” – What’s your advice to Authors? On writing? Publishing? Marketing?

D A Brosnan – The research of course is never ending. I guess I could say, the entire process through to publishing and marketing is no different to studying. As an author, you will be writing and researching your work, dreaming it, acting it and writing notes in the middle of your sleep. It can be stressful to the extreme at times, but whatever you do, don’t give up. I especially encourage those who struggle with writing English to allow your creativity to excel though an on-line writing apps. such as- And remember, it doesn’t matter how many people proof read your work, or how many thousands of dollars you pay to have your manuscript edited, it seems that there will always be mistakes.

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