Interview with Australian Author – Tania Park

“Australian Authors” – Tell us a little about yourself? Perhaps something not many people know?

Tania – I don’t think the same way I act. People see me as quiet and amenable. My thought processes at time are anything but.

“Australian Authors” – What made you want to become a writer?

Tania – It was always in me to want to put words on paper and tell a story.

“Australian Authors” – Now, the big question, are you working on another book?

Tania – Yes, I’m halfway through.

“Australian Authors” – What genres do you prefer to write in?

Tania – Mixed Genres. I like a lot of mystery, a bit of crime, a touch of romance, some action and I don’t mind a bit of blood and gore.

“Australian Authors” – What do you think about the ebook revolution?

Tania – It’s great for some people but I prefer to hold a book in my hand. It cheats the authors of a decent royalty but gives authors an opportunity to get there work out there. I have used it when I’ve been travelling.

“Australian Authors” – Do you start a book with a definite plot, or do you just write?

Tania – I just write and it never ends up where I think it might. I plotted one book and got bored with it becasue I knew what was going to happen.

“Australian Authors” – Do your characters seem to hijack the story, or are you always in control?

Tania – They always hijack the story – especially those who just appear on the page.

“Australian Authors” – Are your characters based on real people or completely imagined?

Tania – A bit of both but mainly imagined.

“Australian Authors” – Who are your favourite authors?

Tania – Harlen Coban, Quentin Jardine, Dianna Gabaldon, Stieg Larson

“Australian Authors” – What’s your advice to Authors? On writing? Publishing? Marketing?

Tania – Write, write and write some more. Join a good writer’s group. Self-publish but only after you’ve had someone who is not a friend and has some knowledge, go through it with a fine tooth comb. Accept criticism as a learning tool to better you work. Marketing is my enemy – I find it hard to sell myself.

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