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Writing began as a personal challenge about 25 years ago. It became such a passion that I completed two creative writing courses, and just recently acquired my Certificate IV in Editing and Proofreading.
My first book - Merlin's School for Ordinary Children; The Ring of Curses (book one in a series of six) - was nominated for the Ditmar Award. I publish under my own logo - And Why Knot Publishing.
Although I mainly write chapter books for middle-grade children, my books are for all readers. The stories are full of adventure, magic, and fun, with a touch of history for background with a fantasy twist.
I hope to release my third book in the Merlin's School series some time this year, along with a fantasy novel for adults.
I am retired and living currently in Queensland.

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An old man had to die before something of major proportions happened in the town of Calder Cove. It was the bizarre opening of a mysterious castle.
Was it magic, people wandered?
It is soon made known that the massive edifice is nothing beyond a school. But when the children step inside, a whole new world is revealed, including a trip to an Aztec pyramid, a cursed ring and a lost student.

Abbey Wynn - RACT - Journeys Magazine.
Get your kids reading with Margaret R Blake's first novel, The Ring of Curses.

Enter Merlin's magical castle and meet the weird headmaster and his peculiar teaching staff; Mrs Regina Wordsworthy, the librarian, with her blue-rinsed hair and Mrs Flora Nettlewood, the nurse, who reeks of camphor balls! There is only one long school term and it's full of mystery that keeps one guessing.


I hope there are more books coming to captivate me for times to come. This cleverly written book tells readers about a very special school, situated in the fishing village of Calder Cove. Calder Cove is an ordinary town full of ordinary people with ordinary children living ordinary lives. Well, at least that's how it would seem ... but nothing could be further from the truth.

Book Title
Action/Adventure, Young Adult

One would think that Calder Cove's children would be reluctant to have anything to do with Merlin's School after their first adventure. But there is a strange and powerful force that surrounds the place and it seems to remove all hesitancy.
This year, some students become savvy to a scheme about the retrieval of a magical sword. Everyone feels safe about their involvement until five friends stumble through a portal.

Margaret R Blake does a wonderful job at interweaving book one – The Ring of Curses - with book two, Sword of the Stone. The skillful writing style of Margaret R Blake had me reliving the first read and I felt as though it was only yesterday that I had finished The Ring of Curse’s. There is enough information provided in this book for one to still enjoy the journey.

Book Title

Nigel D Tranter is a 15-year old lad who has no ambition, no prospects and no idea. Then to his surprise and delight he receives an invite to a Halloween party. However, this is not just any old party – it is the party of the year. Sadly though … afterwards, he doesn’t remember a thing about it.

Author's Books
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This is anthology of my previously unpublished works. It is akin to a box of chocolates; each story or piece of poetry has a different flavour. Take a bite … you might even find your very own favourite.

Book Title
Children's Fiction

Riverbend is a real place, 12 kilometres west of Tiaro in Queensland, Australia. It is 28 acres of beautiful bushland, with a winding seasonal creek; an enchanted place where once a dragon came. He lies there still, infusing the land with his magic. Because of this Riverbend is now a locale where fairies dwell and leprechauns visit, where trolls take an evening stroll and a witch once lived, casting spells and curses!
A Read to Me or Read Alone book.

Book Title
Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Romance

Giselle, a young foundling, and maid to Lady Betts, is brutally raped by Pharyn, lord of Feather Stone Castle. She cannot exact her revenge without laying her own life on the line, so she runs away hoping to find healing. Instead she discovers a road fraught with disappointment, murder, and intrigue . Behind it all there is a secret - one that will eventually entice her back to Feather Stone to face her demons.

Kerrie Skilton -
Finished 'The Healing', loved every word. Finally a story I could sit back and relax and enjoy. Congratulations Margaret R Blake on a job well done.

Ron Hanlon -
The Healing. Five-Stars
Margaret R Blake, in her new book the Healing, tells a fabulous Five Star story of a young women’s heartbreak and healing.
The story is set in medieval times where magic and normal are mixed into a spellbinding dialog. Yet the reader is right at home with the author's vivid descriptions and her development of the story's many characters.
This suspenseful tale will keep the reader turning its pages until the end where an astonishing secret is revealed.
Thanks, Margaret, for a wonderful five-star story and great read.

I loved The Healing, it was a wonderful story where a maiden found the courage to overcome many ruthless deeds ... her fiery spirit eventually saved her and her gift in the end was proof, women can overcome anything and succeed ... well done Margaret for creating an escape ... keep up the great work. Natasha M Cleland

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